Rocky Long Football Camp 2006

Rocky Long held his football camp this weekend and 500+ players showed up. Find out who was offered and get ready for a week of player interviews. .

Last year UNM signed and discovered quite a few players during their camp. Rocky, Dom, and I were listing the players that attended last year's camp that signed with UNM and here is what we came up with. Greyson Wieczorek (La Cueva), Nicky Lawson (Manzano HS), Roy Hackey (Hatch Valley, NM), Terrence Brown (Cesar Chavez HS, Phoenix AZ) and Zayn Bin-Bilal (Taos HS). I could be wrong, but looking through the media guide I think DB Frankie Solomon (South Oak Cliff HS, Dallas TX) also attended Lobo football camp last season.


Head Coach Rocky Long said, "We are able to look at and evaluate kids here on our campus." And that is exactly what went on the past 4 days as players from all across the state of New Mexico as well as teams and players from Texas, Colorado, and Arizona showed up.


**Just a side note, one of the Montwood HS (El Paso TX) was talking to Rocky Long about UNM and he mentioned that the kids were on a tour of the facilities when recent Montwood graduate and current Lobo basketball Roman Martinez was walking out of the Tow. They all got together there and were talking; it was a blast for the boys said the Montwood coach.


"We have a little over 500 kids this year," said Rocky. "Anymore than that and it really starts to be too many." I've never been to other camps but looking in Rocky's camp runs very smoothly as the position players compete in the 7-on-7 tournament teams which whole teams come in Tatum NM, Thoreau NM, St. Michael's HS NM, La Cueva NM, Montwood HS TX, Taos NM just to name a few, or if a whole team isn't fielded than they are put in a "renegade team" and go up against other teams in 7 on 7 games while the offensive and defensive linemen go through drills and learn their craft all of this under the watchful eye of UNM coaches.


A renegade team featuring Michael Scarlett and Bubba Forrest


The day I was there 3 UNM players (Kole McKamey, Travis Brown, and Robert Turner) also came out to discuss with the campers the benefits of going to school, keeping their grades up, working hard.


Robert Turner on the mic while Travis Brown and Kole McKamey wait to speak to the campers.




As a "reporter" what a blast for me as high school coaches and young men come up and say, "Have you heard they offered Bubba? Hey Red Menace did you hear UNM offered Kevin Chavez? Take a look at Drew Thomas from Illinois. That dude is bad!" And that is exactly what I did as I took a look at 6 different young men including interviews, photos, and some video.


A couple of guys we were hoping to catch up with didn't show this weekend as CJ Oakley (Alamogordo HS) wasn't in attendance nor Ryley Hegarty (Aztec, NM) or Omar Castillo (Roswell-Goddard), Aaron Springer (St. Pius HS, Albuquerque). Also not participating were Brett Kennedy (La Cueva HS, Albuquerque) due to an injury, and Jamil Wilson (Highland HS, Albuquerque) though Jamil was in attendance with good friend Michael Scarlett (Sandia HS, Albuquerque) so we were able to speak with both of them.


It is really too bad not all of these young men could have made it as UNM did offer 2 young men this weekend (Bubba Forrest and Kevin Chavez). It would have been interesting if some of these other young men had made camp how many more would have received an offer at the time, though Oakley and Castillo both have offers already.


QB Kevin Chavez recieved and offer from UNM Saturday


S Bubba Forrest received an offer from UNM Friday.


There were other kids UNM was looking at and the rest of this week I'll be getting videos and interviews up with the rest as well, so please keep checking out for all Lobo football news.



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