One Word. Speed! Meet Drew Thomas

What is a young man from Ottawa Ill. doing at New Mexico's camp? I'm looking to play wide receiver here. -Drew Thomas .

Speed… There are more then 1 word to describe Drew Thomas of Ottawa HS (Ottawa Ill.) but "speed" is the most accurate and best one. The 5'-10" 160lb combo WR/CB/RB from Illinois told us that he is clocked running a 4.5 electric and 4.4 hand timed 40.


I didn't get a chance to see Drew run the 40 at UNM's camp but I did receive an e-mail from one of correspondents who did and he told me that Thomas can flat out move. I did see Drew play with a renegade that also featured Sandia's Michael Scarlett and Carlsbad's Bubba Forrest and there was no doubt that Mr. Thomas runs good routes.


In an earlier story I had mentioned that Drew Thomas and Michael Scarlett were able to work out with QB Gabriel Flores in Rocky Long stadium with the coaches as well and Thomas was also able to display his ability there as well as on more than one occasion Drew was able to haul in a Gabriel Flores pass.


After seeing Drew turn on the jets on more then one occasion as well as juke, and evade defenders en route to the end zone he slowed down enough for me to able to speak with him.


What kind of offense do you run in high school?


At Ottawa we run Midwest smash mouth football. 3 running backs, 1 wide receiver, and in the huddle we decide which side we are going to run it up the gut.


That doesn't bode well for a wide receiver does it?


Well I also play running back and corner.


What do you prefer to play in college?


I want to be a wide receiver. I don't want to play defense or running back.


(I found out later through Drew's father that Drew currently has an offer to play at the University of Illinois as corner, but is adamant that he wants to play WR.)


Why WR and not the other positions?


 I'm quicker then anyone lined up against me and I get open.


Who is recruiting you right now Drew?


I'm being recruited by New Mexico, Illinois, Iowa, TCU, and Wake Forest.


Any offers and or favorites?


I have an offer to TCU and hopefully from here. If I'm offered from New Mexico this is where I would like to play.

Whichever school Drew ends up at, he looks to be a special player as he has an attribute that can't be taught… Speed!


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