Lobo Elite Camp: The Beast!

One of the players at this weekend's UNM Elite Camp was 6'-8" 220lb Christian "The Beast" Morris of South Kent Prep in Connecticut. .

Now when I think of someone named "The Beast" the old Blue Oyster Cult song Godzilla came to mind and the lyrics…


He picks up a bus and he throws it back down
as he wades through the buildings toward the center of town.


So when I actually got the chance to meet "The Beast" I was very impressed as he is a true 6-8 220+. The guy is huge and very intimidating when you 1st see him, but you only have to talk to him for a minute and Morris is very soft spoken and a cool guy… Make no doubt about it though, when he gets on the court he wields a big stick and isn't afraid to use it.


I had a chance to speak to Christian about how he picked up the nickname The Beast. "Back at school in South Kent there were a couple of guys that were bigger then me but I just kept going out there muscling up, and then when I would dunk the way I dunk they just started saying "That guy is a Beast!" said Morris. "It just stuck to me."

Morris goes up strong!


It must hard living up to that nickname right? "No not really," said Morris. "I just do what I do. Couple of days ago when we were in Rucker Park in Harlem NY, I broke a backboard. A couple of the guys looked at me and I just smiled, some guy said that is just "The Beast."


For those of you that don't know it, I love the big man game. Nothing makes me happier than seeing big men compete for space and position, get the ball and then post up so I was totally pumped to see Christian play.


So what kind of things are you working on over the summer Christian? "I'm working more on the outside game and putting the ball on the floor. I'm also working on my left hand," replied The Beast.



With that I was able to watch Christian go up and down the court in a game and noticed he immediately draws attention to himself. He is very physical as he bumps and pushes the other players around. He has a solid base and core and when he spreads out he uses his base to open up position for himself.

Morris gets an open positions and wants the ball!


When it did get physical in there Christian didn't shy away and like I said, when he walks onto the court he carries a big stick and combined with his on court demeanor he will body up on you and make you pay! He knocked plenty of his opponents not only to ground, but also used his butt to clear space to give him open looks to the hoop. It isn't dirty… It's just "Beast Ball!"


I spoke with Lawrence Mc Gugins about Christian's game just to get you guys all excited even more.


"Christian Morris is a rising star. He is ranked as the 14th best sophomore by The Sporting News, and he plays for South Kent Prep School which is one of the toughest leagues in the country," said Coach Lawrence.


What kind of a player is he? "They call him "The Beast" he is a straight u physical specimen, and while he is physical he has a soft touch to his game," said Coach Lawrence. "Christian can shoot from the perimeter, foul line, and is really good from the 15 foot range. He needs to work on being more active on the boards. Just getting dirty…

Morris from the free throw line


Who doesn't like hearing that? A guy already dubbed "The Beast" being asked to "get dirty"…


Obviously a young man from New York with that kind of talent and body isn't going to go unnoticed and Christian "The Beast" Morris is getting looks…


"Currently I'm being recruited by all the Big East schools, all the ACC schools except Duke and UNC, and I'm also being recruited by Texas, Kentucky, and New Mexico," said Morris. "I've received offers from St. Johns, Rutgers, and Florida"


Do you have any favorites at this point?


"I'm keeping my options open," replied Morris.


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