New AD Paul Krebs

Meet the new boss... Not the same as the old boss... Find out why! .

There was a popular sitcom in the late 50's early 60's called "The many loves of Dobie Gillis".

Dobie had a friend named Maynard G. Krebs, played by the late Bob Denver, years before he donned the sailor's cap and became "Gilligan". Maynard G. Krebs used to visit Dobie at the grocery store owned by Dobie's father. Whenever Maynard had to say the word "work" his voice would crack like a pre-teen-aged boy and he would run away.

AD Paul Krebs

There is a new AD at UNM and the only resemblance to Maynard, the fictional beatnik, is they happen to share the same last name. As far as work ethic and drive UNM's Krebs is a dynamo! I arrived at the new AD's office a few minutes before our agreed time and Paul, true to his schedule, remained in his office until the precisely appointed time, when he emerged with a smile and firm handshake. We hopped into my SUV and headed for lunch. One of my first questions was obvious; Why UNM, and why now? Paul responded by saying that it was the search committee, specifically John Kasser, the "head-hunter" as they are called in the industry that identified Paul as a candidate. Paul, however, was more than flattered, he was interested! Since his days at Ohio State, Paul and his wife have been visiting New Mexico to vacation and explore. His wife is originally from Texas, so, she was familiar with Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Paul shared with me the fact that they have visited New Mexico 9 or so times in just the last few years. Paul said something to me early in our conversation that struck a good nerve. One of the main considerations for accepting the job is the status of the Mountain West Conference. Paul was slightly puzzled at why the perception locally is not as positive. He believes that the MWC is a major conference that will be a player on the national scene much sooner than later. He made it very clear to me that, nationally, the MWC is considered a premiere conference.

My focus next shifted to UNM specifically and how the marriage between Paul and UNM occurred. Paul told me that he was happy at Bowling Green having just secured a 3.6 million dollar gift to the Athletic Department and enjoying tremendous success at BGSU, however, the lure of better weather and heading the flagship university in a state with only 2 Division 1 Universities was too good to pass up. After all there are 10, (that's right count ‘em ten) Division 1 football programs in the state of Ohio alone! The chance to work with a football coach like Rocky Long was not lost on Paul either. You might recall that Paul Krebs hired a virtually unknown assistant coach and elevated him to head coach while Paul was AD at BGSU. The coach's name? Urban Meyer! Paul told me that Urban had TOTAL respect for Rocky and said that the toughest team he faced while coaching at Utah was the Lobos. Urban said that UNM was always ready to play at a intensity level that he preached daily to his players. Urban also said that if UNM ever developed a more diverse and unpredictable offense, UNM could be a break through team nationally in much the same way as Utah did two years ago! Finishing up our conversation on football, Paul told me something that I have been trying to say for years; that a schools national reputation is influenced by the sport of football more than any other sport. In other words basketball, baseball and all the other sports more or less take a back seat nationally, no matter how good, if the football team is not competitive on the national scene. Paul vowed to keep football headed in the direction it is heading!

Fla. Coach Urban Meyer hired by Paul Crebs while at Bowling Green.

Turning to marketing and fund raising, Paul was very enthused about the prospects to increase the fan base and raise more money statewide. One of the things that impresses me about Paul is that not only is he smart, he studies and does his homework. Paul knew that I had been a member of the Board of Directors of the Lobo Club as well as a member of the First Team and Sixth Man Clubs for football and basketball programs. He wants to unify the fund raising efforts and end some of the competition that occurs when the Lobo Club and the coaches go to the same well for support. New and exciting things are in the offing! Paul wants to redefine the lines of authority to make UNM more fan and alumni friendly. A most worthy goal and one that Rudy Davalos simply did not have the time or energy to tackle, being that Rudy's first priority on his job was to restore order and fiscal responsibility to UNM athletic department. Paul said that he would have never even considered the AD job here if it were not for Rudy Davalos and his efforts to raise the standards. Paul's background in marketing and his long experience at Ohio State in different capacities is something that will pay off here at UNM. Paul had worked in athletic administration from ticketing to facilities to student support at Ohio State so he knows the "soup to nuts" of administration.

Paul and I ended our lunch by talking about the new standards he expects from the coaches: to get out in the community more and really interact. If this means that some coaches have to get out of their comfort zone, then so be it. Paul mentioned things like visiting fraternities, sororities, dorms and student organizations to ask them to support the student athletes. Some pizza and sodas will probably come along for the ride! He also talked about the new academic standards mandated by the NCAA through the APR system affecting how academic advisement and tutoring will occur in the future and changes that UNM will have to make. Paul's vision is to build, on the main campus, and academic support center for ALL students. He believes that this building will accomplish at least two significant goals; academic integrity will be maintained at the highest levels for the student athlete and also to give the students AND student athletes a place where they can work and interact together as a student body thus, and, perhaps changing some students opinions about "dumb jocks". It also will make it extremely convenient for the student athlete who may have an hour or two between classes to study without having to drive, hike or shuttle to the south campus.

As we parted I was left with the overwhelming feeling that John Kasser and the whole search committee hit a grand slam home run on this hire! To this Krebs "work" is not a four letter word!

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