Lobo Elite Camp: Speed Kills

Quasim Pugh is a shooting star... Come to think of it. He just migh outrun a shooting star !

You can never forget Quasim Pugh of Worchester (MA) Academy. You can't forget him, but if you blink… you might just miss him. Quasim is a 6'0" 160 lb PG that will fly right by you in the blink of an eye.


Traveling Coach Lawrence McGugins says, "He is quick as all heck. Hard to keep in front of him and I've never seen a guard that can keep up with him." And in the limited action that I was able to see Quasim play at the Lobo Elite Camp last month I would have to say that is a great assessment. The guy can flat out move.


Make no doubt about it though, Quasim is your typical point guard. "I can get to the hoop real easy and breaking down the defender so I can score is no problem," said Quasim. But make no doubt about it the guy likes to pass. "Seeing my teammates score a bucket is much better and I like to win," adds Quasim. "As long as we get a W that is all that matters."


Unfortunately, Quasim was hampered with a little bit of soreness and didn't play much on the game that I was able to witness, but like a true gamer. Quasim kept moving getting blood flowing until he was able to get back on the court and with one of his wheels slowed down he still had amazing speed and breaking down defenders is not a problem.


I asked Quasim about recruiting being that he is an '08 grad and he Quasim said, "I'm been hearing from a couple of schools. New Mexico Georgia Tech, Georgia, Florida, St. John's, Virginia Tech and Virginia."


At this point Quasim isn't anywhere close to making decision in recruiting he did say about his recent trip to New Mexico, "I'm really enjoying myself with the coaches. It is fantastic, they know a lot about the game."


And I'll leave you with these parting words by Coach McGugins about Quasim's game as it sums it up perfectly. "He sees the floor well, but you have to have players on your own team to keep up with him, that is how fast he is."

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