Lobos Add A New Shade of Red?

Cherry and Silver! Plus a 40-yard dash of Scarlett! Michael Scarlett that is... Decides on UNM! Check out and listen to Sandia's Michael Scarlett as he decides on UNM.. .

Cherry and Silver are the University of New Mexico's school colors right? Well TheRedMenace.com has learned that Rocky Long's football program will be receiving a large dose of scarlet…


No, not the color, but Sandia HS (Albuquerque NM) all-purpose wide receiver Michael Scarlett as TheRedMenace.com has learned that the 6'2" 170 lb Matador has committed to play for UNM!


Rather then me trying to express the feelings of Michael Scarlett and his decision to attend UNM we decided to put our interview with Michael this afternoon up on a podcast so you all can hear it. Sorry about some of the quality, but I conducted the interview from inside of my car…

Click here to listen to TheRedMenace.com 's interview with Michael Scarlett


On a personal note I would like to thank Michael Scarlett for all the time that he has given both TheRedMenace.com and NMVarsity.com . He has kept us in his recruiting loop the whole way and I just want to thank him for everything. "Mcmenace" on the Lobo football message board said it better then I ever could.

Great choice Mr. Scarlett! Can hardly wait for your 1st Lobo Leap!


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