The Tradition Continues... A Bear to a Lobo!

Nick Speegle, Billy Brittain, Matt Quillen, Frankie Baca, Jake Bowe... The list seems to go on forever, and now La Cueva O-lineman Michael Muniz chooses to join that list and carry on the La Cueva Bear to New Mexico Lobo tradition .

The University of New Mexico under Rocky Long has really made a concentrated effort to recruit and sign in state talent. I know from talking to Rocky the past few years he stresses that recruiting in New Mexico has been a big part of his success here at UNM. With that in mind there is no wonder that time in and time out Rocky Long and his staff head out to 7801 Wilshire Blvd. NE and check out the Bears of La Cueva HS and the players being developed by Coach Fred Romero, as La Cueva has been one of the premier high school programs in the state.



Currently the University of New Mexico is recruiting two of La Cueva's very talented offensive line Michael Muniz and Brett Kennedy and today Rocky Long received a commitment from one of those players a 6-4 265 offensive tackle Michael Muniz has joined the long list of La Cueva Bears and decided to become a Lobo.


"I committed to UNM today," said an excited Michael Muniz. Wow you were offered yesterday and it took you one day to commit. "It is a great program and close to home," replied Muniz. While Muniz's teammate Brett Kennedy has received the lion's share of the publicity over the internet don't think Muniz is a slouch as he finished last season with 65 pancake blocks and graded out with an 87% blocking average. "I was being recruited by UTEP, Wisconsin (former Lobo O-line coach Bob Bostad's new school), Illinois, and Army," said Muniz.


With UNM having a revamped coaching staff I asked Michael if he had a chance to meet with Asst. Coach Bob Stanley and Muniz said, "I think he (Coach Stanley) is a good guy that really knows what he is doing and I believe he will make me a good player." I know you play on the D-line at La Cueva are you going to do that at UNM as well? " I don't think so, as I understand it they want me to play guard and center," says Muniz. "I would love to play tackle but at this point I don't think I'm tall enough or big enough for that position.



Before Michael gets his chance to play for Coach Stanley and Rocky Long he and his current teammates have some unfinished business this year. "We would really like to win state at La Cueva and I think we have a good chance." I heard you guys had a great offensive line. "Yeah," replies Muniz. "There are some really good players on the O-line, Brett, DJ File, Pedrum Khodaie, and I are going to be really tough this year."


Finally I asked Michael what he feels he needs to do over this school year and next summer to be ready for the next level. "I'm a quick player but feel I need to work on my strength and gaining weight," said Muniz.


As long as Coach Romero's Bears keep getting to the state playoffs, going to and winning the Blue trophy look for Rocky Long to keep visiting 7801 Wilshire Blvd as today Michael Muniz says he will continue the tradition of La Cueva Bears playing and winning football games for the University of New Mexico…


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