Winters Comes to Albuquerque

Booker T. Washington High School's Collier Winters made an unofficial visit this past weekend to the University of New Mexico where he was able to meet Coach Long and Toledo. in an exclusive interview with Collier was able to catch up with the Hornet QB about his trip to the 505.

"I really liked it (the City)," says Winters. "It is a little bigger then Tulsa but set up the same as the town."


Now this was an un-official visit from Collier meaning that his family paid for the trip. I was curious why a player would do that and Collier responded. "New Mexico and Harvard are my top 2 offers so I wanted to make sure before practices got started that I could visit the campus and get a feel for and make sure that they are the top choice that I thought it was. And I think it is right now."


So what were the highlights of your trip to Albuquerque?


"I met with Throckmorton, then talked to Coach Long in his office and met with Coach Toledo and watched film from their spring practice and went over their offense. I went with Throckmorton to tour the campus and the facilities."


Everyone knew when Rocky Long hired Coach Bob Toledo that he was going to pay dividends for UNM when recruiting a quarterback. Perhaps one of those young men would be Collier Winters. "Coach Toledo I really like," said Winters. "He is a well respected QB Coach and he seems to have a lot of energy and would be fun to work with."


Collier mentioned twice that both New Mexico and Harvard are his top 2 choices as of right now, but that doesn't mean that other schools are dropping off. "I also have offers from Kansas, Utah St., and this week Air Force offered as well," said Winters and with this being an un-official visit I asked Collier if he started making plans for official visits.

"I haven't really started to plan that out yet… I was talking to Air Force yesterday and they have a home game vs. Notre Dame that I think would be good to go see for an official visit. Besides that I haven't really what my other 4 schools would be."


Collier Winters also spent the summer camping all across the country. "I was talking with my dad yesterday and I think I camped at 15 different schools," says Winters. And with all those schools looking at him other offers may be forthcoming… With that being said Winters said he would probably wait until halfway through the upcoming season before making a decision as to which school he will play his college ball. I know right now fans at UNM, Harvard, Kansas, Utah St., and now Air Force are all hoping he makes their school his home.

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