The Forrest Legacy Lives at UNM

To quote one of our posters on the message board, "Carlsbad in da House!" as Caveman safety Bubba Forrest continues in the Forrest family tradition and verbals to UNM. has learned that Carlsbad's hard-hitting Safety Bubba Forrest has chosen to follow in his families footsteps and chosen to play his collegiate football for the University of New Mexico and Rocky Long. For those of you not aware of the Forrest family tradition at UNM both Bubba's father Richard and uncle Mike Forrest played for UNM back in the day!



We had a chance to catch up with Rocky Long's latest verbal recruit to see how he is doing and ask him about his commitment to UNM. "My family and I went up to Albuquerque to visit the campus and I gave my verbal commitment to UNM!" exclaims a very excited Bubba Forrest. "My dad and I had talked and I wanted to commit before the season started and the rest of my family played at UNM and I really liked it."




Now considering there is now a Forrest legacy at UNM I asked Bubba if he felt any pressure from his pops or family to go to UNM. "They told me it was my decision but they love UNM as well they really like the coaching staff and what UNM has to offer for me so they are all for UNM!" says Forrest.



In the not so distant past the Southeastern part of the state wasn't what UNM would call a recruiting hotbed, however, Rocky Long has changed that all around getting players from all regions of the state to play for his Lobos and as everyone knows Carlsbad is one of the most Southeastern cities in the state I was curious how Bubba's commitment would be received down there. "My friends and coaches are really excited for me to be able to play at the next level and they like that I chose UNM so that they could keep up with me being in state!" said Forrest.


In case you missed these videos here is some video of Bubba Forrest at the 2006 Rocky Long Football Camp


And obviously with UNM recruiting heavily in the state players that were once heated rivals on the field are now becoming friends and family if you will. We had first met Bubba Forrest at the Lobo football camp a couple of months ago where he had started a friendship with fellow Lobo verbal commitment Sandia HS, Michael Scarlett. You could tell immediately that the 2 young men started to form a bond as they played on the same "renegade team" and were talking about playing for UNM and possibly being roommates and "chilling out" together. I asked Bubba what it means for New Mexico players to play for UNM "It means a lot. We grew up against each other in high school and we come together to play on the same team we are already good friends from the start," says Forrest. "I'm looking forward to it it's going to be fun."


Bubba said, "I had interest from UTEP and NMSU." Which shows once again that Rocky Long is still the top wolf when it comes to recruiting in state players to Albuquerque and UNM. He identifies these players early, follows their careers, and gets them to play for UNM.


Now that the recruiting process is over Bubba said,  "We are still doing summer workouts but 2 a days start Aug. 7th. I also asked him what he thought about the recruiting process. "This really takes a load off my shoulders to know that I'm already committed and know where I'm going the next couple of years, replies Forrest."


As the interview was winding to a close I thanked Bubba for his time and he said, "So I see you guys cover all the Lobo practices, so I'll be seeing a lot of you won't I?


Yes Bubba you will!



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