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Look whose back! Back Again! 2 Lobo fans go round the outside! Round the outside! round the outside! 2 Lobo fans go round the outside... Sorry a slimy shady moment there! Lobo football is back with a vengence !

Welcome to the 2006 edition of Lobo Football Camp reports by TheRedMenace.com staff. In year's past it was one or two of us that would head out to the practice fields but 2006 looks to have plenty of contributors and we are grateful for each and everyone of you guys.


Onto the first practice of the new season… What a beautiful picturesque evening for a little Lobo football, there was moisture in the air, a rainbow was out, a little rain, and it was nice and cool, as I walked onto the Lobo Practice fields I was immediately greeted by St. Michaels (Santa Fe, NM) quarterback Kevin Chavez who was on hand to catch Lobo football practice… Click here to link to the Kevin Chavez Story!


I unzipped the old camera bag took a few snaps excited to see many of the new young players that were out there and hooked up with one of the newest members of our staff Eddie Ortega aka Lobo Eddie as he brought out his super camera and cracked off a few shots tonight as well… We started listing players we wanted to pics are and have quite a few in tonight's story.

One of many newcomers tonight #10 Amadeus Waters


Being the 1st practice and with a young inexperienced squad mistakes and blunders would be expected as to where a player was supposed to be, which field, punt team, field goal, 1st or 2nd defense, offense, but really there was very little if any confusion. The younger players were right there working out with the veterans.


Today's Video! This is a long download!

This is a whopper folks!




We first spent some time checking out some 1 v. 1 passing and some spectacular plays were made by #85 Chris Mark as defenders were bouncing off his large frame. They were literally falling to floor bouncing off the big man as he ran his routes, a perfect pass and 256 lb TE was in the end zone. It didn't just happen once but twice. I did see some caught ball inexplicably hit the ground and Coach Dodd as more then 1 sure TD was dropped. While some might say this is the 1st day of practice it is to be expected… don't tell the coaches that as both Toledo and Dodd were all over the wide outs for dropping catches…

Manzano grad Nicky Lawson

Highland grad Jerrell Miller



This was followed up with good ‘ol special teams drills which I hate to say it… I know Rocky's going to bust my butt for this one, You players that are reading this close your eyes to what I'm saying, but I don't' find these drills to be exciting. Necessary of course, but exciting… nope!


The big fellas hoofed up to the upper fields while the position players broke into 7 on 7 drills. This was my first chance to see true freshman cornerback Frankie Solomon (South Oak Cliff HS Dallas TX). The 5-9 corner was making plays no doubt about it. I know The Rock loves to redshirt all his freshman players but this young man is turning heads already and his fellow defensive mates are already pumping him up.


More special teams drills…


Then scrimmage time! The Lobo offense best weapon tonight were screen passes to all of their RB's. When either Quillen or Ferguson get the ball out of the backfield whether handoff or screen pass somebody is going to feel pain. Dom said, "some safety will pay once he goes for the tackle on Quillen." True that big fella! Paul Baker also had a couple of nice gainers on screen passes out of the backfield, but the huge play came from Martelius Epps who took a screen pass and turned on the jets. Safety DeAndre Wright had just enough of an angle and his own jets to catch "Tay" and save the touchdown, but not before a nice 50+ yard run.


Coach Long took the practice schedule a little into overtime as he was running his defensive players hard towards end of practice. Giving them a mouthful each time they sprinted. It went on a good 10-15 minutes of straight running… One of the players said that as a unit they had forgotten something (he didn't tell us what) and as a unit they suffered the consequences. Yes, fall practice is in full swing as the fellas ran and Rocky Long lost his voice… You can say Schools back in session!


Offensive Player of Practice


#89 WR Thomas Wilson "T-Will" went right up the middle found a seam and Bryan Clampitt hit him with a beautiful pass for a sweet touchdown pass where Wilson would not be caught. #89 was consistently catching the ball tonight as well.


Defensive Player of Practice


OJ Swift and Cody Kase each picked off a pass for a touchdown, Swift's was a gift while Kase just snared one of out the air. (Check out today's video) but the young man that really caught my eye the whole time was…


#96 CB Frankie Solomon His defensive teammates were cheering him on. "Come on young Frankie!" exclaimed his teammates. "Show everyone why will be the defensive freshman that will travel with this football team!" Solomon did exactly that as he made one of the best plays of the night by knocking down a few passes and locking down his side. Keep an eye out on this young man… He was a serious surprise this evening.


505 Pride


#31 FB Matt Quillen (La Cueva HS, Albuquerque)


This is going to be one of the toughest players to name this year, as there are so many players on this year's squad from New Mexico that are pushing not only for playing time but for starting positions, but when you see Matt's hands out of the backfield and know the wallop he is going to deliver to would be tacklers… We were pretty pumped up to see him catch the ball tonight!

**Players not eligible**


Coach Long told us tonight that WR Jermaine McQueen is in town but isn't eligible to play right now. At this point neither is OL Devin Clark.


Here is tonight's Podcast of practice


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