Day 4 '06

Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! Bodies are flying !

I'm beginning to feel like there is a magnet around me that is screaming out to the Lobo football team to smash me. Yesterday I joked about #82 Jonathan Brooks nearly busting me up… Now "Brooksie" isn't a small guy at 6'-1 178lbs. but when he is cruising along I'm sure he would hurt me real bad… Well imagine my shock today when not only once was I nearly in the thick of things, but twice!


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6'2 212lb Marcus Smith led a host of tacklers out of bounds where bodies, water bottles, asst. trainers, helmets, gloves, balls, and everything went flying! I'll tell you what with a head of steam Marcus is a scary scary man! Speaking of scary! Imagine my fear when Amadeus Waters exploded wide out of the backfield turned it up and bodies were trailing in his wake. You're darn right I got my big butt out the way. "Dede" is 5-10 220 and brings it!


Prior to me fearing for my life as any of these prime athletes will knock my block off… Well except maybe a kicker J I had a chance to check out the long snappers and punters today. I know, I know I don't really watch kickers as I leave that up to Dom, but when you see a guy like #39 Jordan Scott booming punts like he was it is rather impressive. The hang time was there as well for Scott who finished punting drills up with a monster! As far as long snappers we all know Jon O'Brien is the man, but backups Phillip Harrison and Curtis Pino were also working on getting the timing down. It is amazing to see coaches with stopwatches counting the time it takes for the long snapper to get the ball behind him.


#23 Terrence Brown


I spoke with Rocky quickly and he said we will find out more about this team Thursday night as the Lobos put full pads on. Then he did something that always freaks me out. "What do I think?" said Rocky. "What do you think, you're here every day." Aw come on Rocky, I'm just some dude hanging out taking videos hoping not to land up in the hospital! Anyway, don't think just cause it was shoulder pads and shorts that there wasn't some popping going on. DeAndre Wright is a ferocious man. If he zeros in on you prepare to feel it! That is exactly what he was doing this afternoon as he dialed up a couple of receivers and it was only the fact that this is practice or it would have been Excedrin #2 headaches all around.



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 Speaking of a guy that is stepping up, #26 Frankie Baca was playing corner today and looked really good at the position breaking up a couple of passes as well as laying the wood. That corner position is going to be hotly contested this season as I thought Mike Vandenberg had another pretty good day… Well if you call an interception for a touchdown a good day!


The three headed monster at running back, Epps, Baker, and Ferguson all made nince plays during the 11 on 11 portion of practice. In fact, Epps would have taken the ball to the house on a reverse type play if it were not for the fleet feet of Jake Bowe who looks extremely comfortable at saftey. Another defensive surprise is Major Mosley who looks like a starter at the second Lobo back position. But, I digress from my true mission in this article, what about the offense?


I spoke to a man who knows a little about what he wants out of the offense and Head Coach Rocky Long shared with me his observations of the progress so far. He likes what he sees and commented that the plays are more diverse and the execution is much better. He went on to say that the recievers are running good routes and the football is being delivered on line and on time! All very good signs for an offense that must do it's job so that a young but tough defense can solidify itself early in the season. Luke Walters continues to show that John Mulchrone is not the only tight end that can catch the football. On one stretch route Luke did his best impersonation of a former tight end great, Dave Casper, by shielding two defenders and catching the ball over his shoulder while being hit by a third defender! Nice catch Dave, I mean Luke! 
Practice ended with the defense doing an insane version of the Champioship Challenge. 10 Lobo defenders start by lying down side by side,  five per team. The Rock blows the whistle and all Hell breaks lose! Each team menber must knock down a tackling dummy and you can do it by outrunning your counterpart or tackling him to make sure he dosen't get to the dummy first. When the other team members are done they can help their buddy out! It looks like too much fun but there is a purpose to the drill. It really lets you know who wants to be agressive and perhaps a little nuts! This drill is not for the faint of heart!
The spirited 2 1/2 hour practice ended with whoops and hollers. This team in is great shape and still had lots of energy after practice. Now we'll see if it stays that way because two-a-days are just around the corner!


Offensive Player of Practice


#3 Jason Caprioli All day long it was Coach Dodd, "Nice catch Cap!" "Great play Cap!" "Good ball Cap!" We all know that Coach Dodd will get on a player if he needs a kick in the rump, well he will also shower you with the accolades if you are making the right plays. Today "Cap" was making the right plays and we noticed!


Defensive Player of Practice


#39 Jordan Scott

I know people are thinking, come on man he is a punter, but how many times do the Lobos need a punter to pin the opposition back? If you would have seen the leg Scott was displaying today you will see the guy is a defensive weapon.


505 Pride


#26 Frankie Baca (La Cueva HS, Albuquerque)


Frankie was lighting it up from the cornerback position today including an interception that had every single one of his teammates very excited. A very impressive outing for the redshirt freshman as he is working himself into the wide open position of cornerback. Not only that, you can really see that Frankie worked hard over the summer. He looks larger and more defined!

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