Fall '06 Day 5

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Rocky Long said, "Players like to scrimmage because it is the closest time we will get to a game." It is very simple when the gladiators don their armor they are immortal and that is exactly the way the defense played today! Immortal. Now during scrimmages you weren't really supposed to hit as coaches kept screaming… "Stay off the ground!" "Stay up!" But how do you stop huge young men that have had pent up aggression from flattening their opponent?


I started out watching yikes! Field goals… Yes, Dom wasn't even there but I was watching Kenny Byrd knocking them through the uprights from all around the field. He is a solid weapon this year for the Lobos!


Followed that up with some drills with the running backs. I know that UNM has a trio of potential superstars in the making but the straw that will stir this drink is going to be #31 Matthew Quillen. The former La Cueva Bear is a load. If you put Rodney Ferguson behind him that is just tractor leading a train!


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Finally the hitting began as Rocky Long's team went with the "alley drill" The drill is run like this. A defender goes 1 v. 1 with a blocker. The QB hands the ball of to the running back and he is allowed one move to the left or two the right and it is up to the blocker to keep the defender off the ball. Things started getting a little chippy with a few extras shoves and a semi-scrum or two but no serious fighting. Check out the video as I concentrated on the big fellas at the point of attack. I was super impressed with the play of Michael Tuohy, Bo Greer, and the battering ram running style of Rodney Ferguson. He doesn't put any special moves on you; he will run right through you!


Middle drill was next on the agenda and once again as it has been true to form since I've covered Lobo football the defense when the pads goes on is ahead of the offense. Some familiar faces are showing up as playmakers. DeAndre Wright, Blake Ligon, and Quincy Black were all huge today, while Tyson Ditmore, frosh Frankie Solomon, and Phillip Harrison made a couple of nice plays as most of the RB's didn't make it back to the line of scrimmage! Well except for Rodney Ferguson busting through a hole on the right side and taking off for the touchdown!


Scrimmage was next and once again the defense was in charge making real estate costly for the offense. Still a couple of nice runs by "Tay", Baker, and newcomer Amadeus Waters had a nice move where he jumped through the 1st contact and picked up a couple. I watched him do the same thing earlier in middle drills.


Offensive Player of Practice


#64 Bo Greer


"The Sheriff" was on it today putting people on their back and imposing his will on those in the way!


Defensive Player of Practice


#41 Michael Tuohy


Every time the pads go on there is a player that just amps it up another notch. He is just a little extra aggressive, just a little bit of anger towards his opponent and a guy that wants to mete out punishment. Today that punisher was Tuohy!


505 Pride


#21 Rodney Ferguson (Manzano HS, Albuquerque)


Just watch the videos! There is one play in alley drills that Luke Higgins comes up to make a tackle and Ferguson blows him up. Follow that up with a sweet touchdown in middle drills and Rodney looks like he is ready to get the season going. I see Coach Jackson working Rodney over, not because he doesn't like what he sees, but because he can see the potential in the former Monarch!



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