Fall '06 Day 6

First day of two a days and already you see some strain on some of the players as a maybe a little fatigue has set in ?

I was speaking with Tyson Ditmore's brother Dustin who rooms with a couple of the players and he said, "they go home and go right to sleep they are so tired." That has to be music to the coaching staffs ears as that means these guys are busting their tails to prepare for the upcoming season.


One negative is the "playpen" is starting to get some action now. Didn't seem like anything serious just bumps and bruises but when you a player is not able to perform he is on a stationary bicycle pedaling or the funniest is the players walking around the practice field hoisting a cinder block up and down with a weight strapped to his back. I know hearing from one of the player's parents over the spring his son spent one day in the playpen and came back the next day to play saying he would rather be on the field practicing then going through the pain in the "playpen."


100 degree weather today and it was hot, the players were in full pads so it was very physical we have some great videos today of the alley drill. We explained in yesterday's report what it is and I focused in on some of the interior linemen today. Big guys making big hits with other big guys draped all over them!


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Middle drill was very good today is Michael Tuohy continued to make plays in the drill. At this point with Tuohy and some of the comments the coaches were making to him today they are looking for consistency. If he can play at the level his talent allows him to he is a very formidable DE. RB Paul Baker was the stud for the offense in this drill breaking off a nice gainer as well as a touchdown. The young man from Arlington just keeps doing his thing.


The teams did break into some nice scrimmage action as they practiced 3rd and 4 from the middle of the field followed by some work in the red zone. I have to say I was extremely impressed with QB Donovan Porterie today. You can see as he continues to mature that he is getting it. He is such a raw talent and as Coach Toledo continues to mold and shape him he will get better. One observation right now is that when Porterie is rushed and lets his natural quarterback instinct take over more often then not good things happen. While on the other hand it seems like when he has more time to think about what he is doing is when his passes are a little off.  In today's video my favorite line was in the last play Kole McKamey has to pull down the ball and scramble for the touchdown. One of the coaches (Gonzales I believe) is screaming, "Go get him! Go get him" and as the defense moves into position he starts screaming, "Don't touch him! Don't touch him!"


Happy belated Birthday Quillen


Sorry about the delay in getting this portion of yesterday report up, but someone had a birthday!


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The unthinkable happened at practice last night. Matt Quillen turned 21 years old and no Lobo football players taped him to the goal post! I guess Matt swore the rest of the La Cueva Bears on the Lobo roster to secrecy. Either that or Matt's reputation as on of the toughest hombres on the team is stored in the collective unconscious of people interested in keeping healthy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!


Offensive Player of Practice


#23 RB Paul Baker


Mr. Baker busted off a couple of nice runs in middle drill including a TD, during 1 v. 1 blocking drill Baker is still one of the tops out there, he catches out of the backfield, returns punts, and is a young man that keeps forcing his way into the lineup.


Defensive Player of Practice


#2 S DeAndre Wright


Vicious and quick! Vicious and quick! I would say don't blink or you'll miss him make the play, but ball carriers will always remember him, as DeAndre will lay the wood to them. DeAndre was all over the field today!


505 Pride


#60 NT Billy Brittain (La Cueva HS, Albuquerque)


Look at the videos of middle drill. Billy took on every blocker and more then once was able to shed enough to stop or slow down the ball carrier. In middle drill Brittain! In the scrimmage #60 was getting into the backfield and constantly you heard Coach Rod saying good play Billy. Way to get in there Billy!




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Sorry about no photos tonight. I'm just to bushed to get them put on the story. I will have a new photog tomorrow!

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