Day 10 Fall '06

They are large and in charge... The offensive and defensive line !

Day 10 I wanted to take a look at more of the "big guys" the big fellas if you will, the big nasties, to use one of Dom's best quotes ever, "The guys that will squeeze your head to see the pus come out your ear, because they can!"


I'll cut right to the chase middle drill was LB's and TE's today and all I can see is… "BOOM here comes the BOOM!" Has anyone noticed that TE Curtis Pino is a really good blocker?  (The artist formerly known as "The Passion" needs to grow that hair back) If you look at the video today #97 did well against a difficult task. #11 Quincy Black who is by far the most dominate Lobo back we have had in quite a few years. I'm not going to bore you all with the Urlacher comparison, but Quincy is definitely one bad dude… The highlight was frosh. John Fussell who exploded on a couple of plays drawing praise from Coach Long!


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Middle drill looked very good today as both Rodney Ferguson and "Tay" Epps busted off nice runs to the outside while gaining nice yardage up the middle. Once again if UNM is getting people to help with not using clichés, I won't bust out the old thunder and lighting here J How about we use this? When Rodney runs usually leaves a wake of destruction i.e. bodies strewn that attempted to tackle him one on one. When Tay runs it is just, well I was standing next to the linebackers and as soon as "Tay" swung it out you heard someone bemoan, Oh… because you all knew it was Touchdown city! Defensively Mr. Black was his usual spectacular self while, Blake Ligon and OJ Swift made some nice tackles. Frosh Mike Love had a sweet little run up the gut as well…


The next part of our report is not for those that like pretty! It isn't that these guys are ugly dudes, they just play ugly, they are big boys that will bite your finger off it you get it to darn close! They grab, slap, smack, body up, smash, crush, mash, smush. To sum it all up, it is the trenches! Where games are won and lost. Yes, most people look at ye olde pretty boys dancin' and prancin' and juking and jiving, but when it gets down to the game of football at UNM it means 300lb plus young men shoving lighter defensive linemen around the ball field!



The drill in the video is a simple one-on-one match up. I'll line my defensive linemen up and you better stop him! However, the big D-linemen they are tenacious in their own right and aren't into taking a beat down. I love the way the defensive linemen came right at Anthony Kilby beating him a little to the punch… In comes Coach Stanley for some motivational speaking and Kilby just stops people. It isn't as much a block as he just stops them. On the defensive side Michael Tuohy just looks like he is poised to have a great year, the speed and strength are there, and if it is possible he has cranked up the intensity and aggression level quite a few levels and it isn't like Tuohy was a softy to begin with. A couple of other young players that looked really good on the defensive side were Phillip Harrison and Wesley Beck. UNM is going to have some serious depth.

#51 Ryan Boyd


I was only able to stay for a little bit of the game situations of the line but the interior I was impressed with James Crowder who just keeps pushing to get into the games!


The last scrimmage of practice featured the three headed monster at work! Baker, Epps and Ferguson all made some plays but two really stand out. The second team offense mounted a nice drive that ended with a bang! Rodney took two pitches right to get the ball to the 4yd line then took a pitch left and refused to lose. He ended the run with a spectacular burst and dive into the end zone. Then it was 'Tays turn. He took an inside hand-off from Kole McKamey, followed two good blocks and then turned on the jets! 70 some odd yards later and after out running a pretty fast Frankie Baca, Epps celebrated (within the NCAA rules mind you!) with Kole yelling and patting the whole offense for a well executed touchdown. No shame to the defense there just some good old Bob Toledo Offense.



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Offensive Player of Practice


#75 Anthony Kilby


I know that Martelius Epps had a couple of nice runs but this was all about the larger guys today so… He took some heat early on and got beat a time or two but all of a sudden the monster came out and Anthony Kilby was the impenetrable wall!


Defensive Player of Practice


#57 Stephen Hutchinson


This was so hard to pick as so many defensive linemen had a great practice but check out #57 in the videos and he is crushing, swimming, undercutting, and flat out beating his offensive counterpart to the quarterback!


505 Pride


I don't know if I can choose just one player here so many looked pretty good out there… #62 Phillip Harrison (Highland) #69 Erik Cook (Cibola) #74 Patrick Hodges (Ruidoso) #91 James Crowder (Valley) #60 Billy Brittain (La Cueva)… You know when all you guys are kicking ass it just makes it so hard for me! I have to mention you guys as all of you had Rudy C. and myself going check that out! Check him out! It is awesome to see all of these former New Mexico HS athletes starring…

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