Day 11 Getting a Little Chippy

More of the big fellas! No soft serve play around here, bring it with pain and power or don't bring it at all !

You know I've been going out to every practice this fall and yes it has rained every single one of those day and I was bitten by mosquito a grand total of 3 times. My daughter and I went last Saturday night and I think between the two of us we received 3 stings… All of a sudden Illiana puts a story in the paper about the pesky little insects and today I am scratching everywhere. Thanks a lot Illiana for bring the curse of the mosquito upon us!



Dom and I spent the 1st part of practice today talking with new Athletic Director Paul Krebs. It wasn't an official interview by us more like three guys shooting the breeze about the current football team, how he liked his new job, what was the toughest part, what was the best part, some of his plans for the future, the stress of the new television contract with CSTV/The Mtn.  Since it wasn't really an interview I don't think it would be fair to quote him… A. I didn't have the microphone on so I don't remember exactly what he said, and like I said it was just 3 guys shooting the breeze!



I do think it is fair to say that Krebs told us that the best part of being the AD at UNM is the Lobo fan base. He said it was reminiscent of his time at Ohio St., the passion that Lobo fans have if not more. He said that they are currently accepting bids for the indoor practice facility for football, getting ready to put the bids out for The Pit renovation, and that they have some other things in the works for the soccer stadium. Krebs also alluded to the fact that long range they want to make The Pit and Rocky Long stadium more appealing then it currently is with paint, and some little landscaping ideas they are working on. He spoke about marketing and that he has more ideas in the works for that, also Krebs said he felt the TV deal will work out in the long run and that he wouldn't be surprised if everything came together the eve of the 1st football game.


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When all was said and done Dom and I both swallowed the olive on the biggest question of all… That question. Can we work something out so we can tailgate longer then 6 hours prior to the football game? Krebs was in the heart of football country and I'm sure knows the importance of tailgating and tradition making… We snapped afterwards, but it was too late. Next time I speak to him I'll ask about extending tailgating hours. At least for the dudes in The Pit parking lot if nowhere else J


#9 Tyson Ditmore


Well after dousing ourselves in mosquito repellent Dom and I checked out a little middle drill action and in the videos you see a great run by FB Yimin Baumen as he thunders up the gut on a nice dive play, also frosh Mike Love had a sweet little run as he went around the right end bobbing and weaving for a nice pick up, but it was once again Rodney Ferguson using that bionic forearm of his to drop a defender. He just swung the right and the LB went sprawling… Defensively Quincy Black is all over it as is Tyson Ditmore who had a superb practice today!


Yesterday I spent more time with the Defensive Ends and Offensive Tackles and the videos were great but today I wanted to spend more time where it just gets downright filthy! If the line of scrimmage is the trenches, the interior is like the bottom of the trench! The weak of heart have no business here it is all physical gritty mess here. The guys have parts of T-shirts and ripped jerseys hanging out, there is blood, spit, and snot leaking out of bodies, and these young men just smash into each other day in and day out! There isn't much finesse here, just power, push, shove, and beat on each other. I was really impressed with frosh Vincent Federico's tenacity, but when it came to just good ‘ol interior linemen football it was OG Matt Streid and NT James Crowder. Watching these 2 big guys go at it was one of the best reasons to go watch football practice. Crowder's just goes 100% into a bull rush and Streid had to contain him, it escalated as the drill went on and the ultimate aggressiveness was reached when Crowder got his hands in Streid's facemask and #63's helmet came off! Words were exchanged and players separated. That is interior linemen football! No sweet things here, just good football with Coach Lenzmeier yelling the whole time!  We haven't mentioned him much but Coach Lenz is a the perfect understudy for Coach Stanley as he has that same sort of style.

I don't know why Arnett is being shy! He sure isn't on the field!


The scrimmage portion of practice the defense really came to play as the only real offensive threat was a nice run by Paul Baker…Otherwise the defense put the clamps on, the play of the day being LB Zach Arnett reading a screen play perfectly and the QB dropping the ball right in his hands for the INT.


Offensive Player of Practice


#63 Matt Streid


So many players had a shot today but the battle of Streid was nice as this young JC transfer is coming along nicely and the nice aggressive battle with "Chowder" was extra bonus points as these two young bulls went right after one another.


Defensive Player of Practice


#61 Vincent Federico


Once again when the defense shuts out the offense and plays are made all around the field by many defensive players it is tough to nail it down to one guy as so many were making plays but in the end I went with Vincent Federico at the interior line position he was shredding…


505 Pride


#91 James Crowder (Valley HS, Albuquerque)


Coach Lenzmeier was getting on his offensive linemen about the fact that there was no extra move with Crowder's game it was a straight punch you in the mouth bull rush and still Crowder was getting by and moving bodies! Besides, we can't name Matt Streid and give him bonus points without naming his "opponent".

Saturday is the big "Yard Sale" make sure you take your bug spray!

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