UNM vs. Portland St. Media Luncheon

The infamous Red Menace Camera was rolling today as were the tape recorders as TheRedMenace.com provides you with the words of Coach Rocky Long, Bo Greer, and Cody Kase .

Dom, Rudy C., and Bandito cruised down to The Tow Diehm facility aka The Tow today to check out the media luncheon and pull some interviews for one and all. We found out early that there is a new format with the entire media getting the players and Coach Long rather then a bunch of drawn out one on one interviews.


Good? Bad? Does it matter? I guess we will find out as the season wears on. Today's player guests were LB Cody Kase and OL Bo Greer. TheRedMenace.com ‘s infamous cameras were rolling today and rather then the: 10 second snippet you get elsewhere we decided what the heck let's give you the whole video interview with these players.

Cody Kase


C.Kase and B. Greer Video



#64 Bo Greer

Thank goodness all 3 of us showed up for today's lil get together. No not so that we could defend ourselves against the horde that is the Albuquerque media, but it gave us the time to seperate and get great coverage as Dom and Rudy hung out with the players I chilled with The Rock and our good friends in the print and radio media.


Rocky Long with the print and radio media

(Of course you'll hear I ask all the pertinent questions LOL)


Rudy C. went out to the practice fields and picked up a sweet audio interview with senior offensive linemen Robert Turner!


Robert Turner mp3


Last Saturday Dom spoke with defensive coordinator Osia Lewis about the upcoming season.


Coach Lewis mp3


If you don't have high speed internet yet, now is your excuse to get it. These are all long videos or interviews some as long as 20 minutes. We will be tweaking things as the season rolls on as TheRedMenace.com continues to provide Lobo fans with the best coverage we can. Enjoy!

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