U-G-L-Y There Ain't No Alibi! It Was Ugly

You win as a team. You lose as a team... Can't pin this loss on any one player or coach. Everyone was responsible for this loss

Where the hell do I begin this article? I know everyone wants to get over emotional and run through downtown Albuquerque screaming their heads off. Did it feel good? Nope. Did anyone in their wildest dreams think that going into next week's intrastate rivalry game that NMSU would be 1-0 and UNM 0-1? Nope.


But that is exactly what happened today as the University of New Mexico Lobos fell to D-1AA Portland St. tonight at Rocky Long stadium. For those of you that missed The Red Menace Post Game Radio Show I will sum it all up for you with just a few words.


UNM failed to execute.


Both offensively and defensively the team failed to execute the plays in front of them. "Obviously if you don't score points you did not execute well," said Coach Long. "That means you have to execute. You can't just get all fired up and take shots at people. You have to execute. That's the biggest thing and we have to realize that. As we prepare, we have to prepare to execute no matter the situation," adds Sr. OL Robert Turner.


Didn't matter whether it was offense or defense the Lobos looked out of sync the whole evening. Now don't get me wrong, Portland St. is a pretty good football team sporting some good players and all week long Rocky kept saying that the Vikings were a good team but Lobo fans didn't want to listen. I guess they are listening now.


Click Here to hear Rocky Long


Player have to make plays!


Former offensive coordinator and current WR Special Teams Coach Dan Dodd took some much heat last year from Lobo fans about his offense and the results of said offense so many jumped with glee when Coach Long went out and hired Bob Toledo. Coach T. is a good coach with an excellent offensive mind but what we said last year about Coach Dodd's offense has to be said about Coach Toledo's offense. Players have to make plays…


The sad thing about tonight's performance is that everything was open and available to them. UNM called the proper plays and the WR and TE's were wide open. They had at least 3-5 shots with wide open touchdown passes were unfortunately the connection was not made as the ball sailed over the receivers head or just out of their grasp. Offensive linemen gave up some big sacks tonight as Kole McKamey was sacked 6 times by Portland St.'s huge defensive line. Not an excuse but the McKamey never seemed able to gauge the wind this blustery evening when it came to passing the ball. That isn't why they lost however.


Click Here to hear Kole Mc Kamey


How many times will the Lobos be called offside

I can understand one, maybe 2 but when you start hitting the amount of offside calls that the Lobos did tonight you have to wonder why the heck they kept jumping. We know they watch the ball. Yet every other play it seemed like there was a yellow handkerchief on the field of play. Not to mention the 3rd down penalties that kept drives alive ala the 15-yard facemask penalty, the 15 yard roughing the passer penalty... All told the Lobos ended up with 11 penalties for 93 yards.


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Hold onto the ball!


Fumbles and errors… The Lobos turned ball over while on offense; they turned it over while playing special teams, and turned the ball over on defense. McKamey INT, Paul Baker muffed punt, and failure to pick up Portland St's QB Sawyer Smith's fumbles were another reason the Lobos lost tonight. PSU was able to score off Lobo miscues all night long.


Click here to hear Marcus Smith




So many plays that were near misses doomed the Lobos to a loss tonight. Whether it was Mike Tuohy dropping a INT for a TD, or the Lobo offense failing to gain 1 yard on 4th and 1. Or the Baker muffed punts, or the plethora of penalties the Lobos played like an undisciplined team.


The Bounce Back


Rocky Long's teams after a totally disturbing loss like tonight's have found ways to come back the next game and build upon them. The Lobos travel to Loss Cruces next Saturday to face the Aggies. Hopefully all the kinks will start to be ironed out and this team will bounce back…



Ty Abbott

Gaby Ngoundjo

Ty Abbott and Gaby Ngoundjo both headed by The Red Menace section with coaches… Ty with Coach McKay and (verbally committed) Mickey McConnell and Gaby with Coach Didrickson and all received some Lobo Love Red Menace Style. We had a sign for Mickey McConnell but he didn't come alone so we ended up only using Ty's while they were both there.


Click here to see video of Ty Abbott meeting Lobo fans!

Click here to see video of Gaby Ngoundjo meeting Lobo fans!


Post Game Show

Alright we had a great time at Sneakerz (San Mateo just south of Montgomery) with 1310 The Ticket. We took a few callers and are looking forward to next week's game where you are all invited to come watch the game with us followed by The Red Menace Post game show. Make sure you go by SneakerZ for all your sports viewing needs, and tell ‘em The Red Menace sent you!


Would love to see a packed house as SneakerZ has set aside a back room for us with a nice big screen television, great food and drinks! Plus you get a chance to win a pair of tickets to the upcoming New Mexico Bowl!

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