Lobos Beat Their Little Brothers

Lobos defeat the Aggies but suffer a loss of their own as Sr. starting QB Kole McKamey is likely out for the year.

I usually don't do reports on games that I don't get to see in person or on television as that is well… Just wrong in my opinion… With the loss of KRQE's broadcast and ESPN Game plan we at SneakerZ Sports Bar and Grill who showed up for the post game show and the game were lucky enough to have our own Wes Henderson in Loss Cruces calling with updates (Lobo Lee was doing the same.)


Hey KRQE... Sometimes being a nice guy doesn't pay off!


I feel sorry for KRQE. They really didn't have to pick up this game especially after losing the rest of the games to the alleged television network named The Mtn. But KRQE stepped up trying to be the hero for Lobo fans. Unfortunately, they are going to be remembered as jerks. Well at TheRedMenace.com we salute you KRQE. We know what it is like to be the good guy and get kicked in the gonads because of it.


We did see a half however so I'll comment on that half that I was able to see.


After a horrifying loss last week to Portland St. I thought it was very important for the Lobo team to bounce back. I know many gloom and doom folks had written off the season and a loss vs. NMSU I think would have had just about everyone agreeing with those people including me. I know we have been over the PSU game ad nauseam but the Lobos simply failed to execute. The players were wide open, the defense was there, they just failed to do things properly and ended up with the loss. So in my mind it came down to a mental breakdown by everyone on the team and if they were able to overcome that this season could still be great…


The Lobos received the ball on kickoff and the vaunted Bob Toledo offense took the field and promptly went 3 and out. That was the good news however, as the Sr. QB Kole McKamey was hit high and low with his knee bending in a position that it should not be bent. Unfortunately, for Kole and Lobo fans it looks like Kole will be out the rest of the year with torn ligaments in his knee. We would like to take the time here to wish Kole the best in luck in getting back from his injury and returning next season for UNM.

Out goes Kole...

In comes Nelson!


The Aggies and Lobos traded 3 and outs with Lobo backup QB Chris Nelson looking… Well not looking to good at SneakerZ people were wondering if Rocky should put in Donovan Porterie or Bryan Clampitt in.


The Aggies got the ball back and quickly marched down field and scored a touchdown on a dejected Lobo team. I was sitting there going… Oh geez we have seen this before. I felt bad for the whole team. They have worked their butts off all summer and fall long and for the season to fall apart like this would be really tough for them. I like most of you are long time Lobo fans and can recall seasons where teams just don't stop reeling…


Like I've said for the better part of 6 years now THIS IS NOT YOUR GRANDFATHER'S LOBO FOOTBALL TEAM!

Sorry Grandpa! We have attitude!


Nelson brought out the troops ready to overcome adversity and that is exactly what he did as he put the ball in the right place for Travis Brown… Followed it up with a 43 yard strike to WR Marcus Smith, and hit a wide open John Mulchrone for UNM's 1st touchdown of the season. All of a sudden hope and excitement started to exude from this Lobo team and the Lobo Nation!


Lost in all of this was the ensuing kickoff when Jake Bowe delivered a SHOT on special teams to the kick off returner. That can be called the shot heard around the 505 as Bowe blasted him he got up and received congratulations from his teammates as that seemed to set the attitude on the defense early on as they went out and took care of business!


Yes NMSU QB Chase Holbrook went 37 of 56 for 472 yards and 4 scores but he was under constant pressure from the Lobo defense who recorded 6 sacks, and many tackles for losses while holding the NMSU ball carriers to a mere 60 yards on 30 carries.


The next time the Lobos received the ball it was Chris Nelson scrambling out of bounds when WR Marcus Smith threw a block that took the Aggie defensive lineman DOWN! Dude look like he was shot by a cannon as his sinuses were cleared by #4! The Lobos were here to play! Then Bob Toledo looked into his book of trickery and lineup 3rd string QB Donovan Porterie in the WR slot position, Porterie went back for an end around, Nelson handed the ball to Donovan and threw an excellent block of his own as Donovan tossed a 34 yard pass to a wide open Marcus Smith who scored the TD and just double hand stuck it in the ground! Howl YEAH Lobos up by 7!

Donovan with a TD of his own!


Later in the half with the Lobos up 17-14 Nelson once again led his team to a quick hitting touchdown as the Lobos started on the 20… A 30 yard shot to Travis Brown, a rumbling crushing forearm smashing 30 yard run by Rodney Ferguson set up a sweet Nelson-Oop pass to WR superstar Marcus Smith from 20 yards out as Smith went up over the Aggie defender caught the ball as he was going out of bounds and scoreboard baby! HOWL YES!


Tyler Donaldson forced a fumble one of 3 he forced Saturday night and the Lobos had a shot at a 45 yard field goal. Unfortunately, Kenny Byrd missed (his only miss of the night) and the Aggies were in business…

Tyler Donalson at practice! Fumble drills pay off! 


Or so their fans thought as with only 1 time out (Hal Mumme used them on some horrible play reviews early in the game.) the Aggies marched the ball within field goal range. Last play a 5 yard pass to NMSU's Chris Williams and the Aggies wasted like 8 seconds as Holbrook downed the ball to stop the clock leaving the Aggies with :09 on the clock. Mumme calls a timeout J with the clock stopped to send his kicker in? The best footage of the night was the Aggie QB with his hands in the air asking. "Who called the timeout" Mumme started looking around who did call the time out. Oh yeah. The field goal attempt was promptly blocked end of half…


Unfortunately, that will be the end of my report as well as KRQE like I discussed earlier lost the video feed and I just don't feel good reporting what happened when I didn't see it.


I do know the Lobos won the game with the Aggies having an opportunity at the end, but the Lobo defense stepped up huge to finish it off. Hopefully Wes Henderson will give us the 2nd half rundown.


Offensive Player of the Game


Talk about a tough one here! Chris Nelson was unbelievable coming off the bench, but my vote has to go to WR Marcus Smith. Yes, statistically he had a career game with the 5 rec. 179 yards and the 3 touchdowns, and the block he made for Nelson on that scramble is one of legend, but the reason I pick Mr. Smith is…


At media day Marcus Smith talked about the need for players to step up and execute, for leaders to develop, and for the Lobos to get out there and just get it done. Marcus Smith showed up on the field. Not running his mouth or paying lip service to the media and his teammates this week. He put his body and attitude where his mouth is!


Defensive Player of the Game


Boy talk about places to go with this one. Mike Tuohy was the man with 3 sacks, Tyler Donaldson was credited with 3 forced fumbles (though it really looked like my defensive player of the game had one.) and a fumble recovery. My choice however…


#34 OJ Swift He had 11 tackles, an INT, and I swear if he wasn't in on the fumbles he was right there in all of them.


SneakerZ Post Game Show


I want to thank SneakerZ sports bar for hosting our post game show and watch party Saturday night. They were spectacular in making the best out of a bad situation (KRQE losing the feed.) Do us a favor and run by SneakerZ for all your sports viewing needs as they will not only be showing the Lobo home and away games this fall, but also all your NFL needs, and SneakerZ brings in the Pay Per View boxing and wrestling matches that you could want. Do us a favor. Tell them you heard about SneakerZ from The Red Menace!


We will see you SneakerZ next Saturday after the Lobos play Missouri for the Red Menace post game show! Aggie free Lobo talk. What else can Lobo fans ask for?

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