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Video with George Carter and Travis Brown... Plus interesting story on Rocky Long's reprimand by the MWC

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We at TheRedMenace.com would like to salute Rocky Long for telling it the way it is!

In other hilarious MWC conference hijinks. The MWC in their infinite wisdom or stupidity depending on how you look at it reprimanded Coach Rocky Long for negative comments about the officiating of last Saturday's horrendous calls by the vaunted MWC officials in last Saturday's game vs. Air Force.

 Coach Long received his wish after the game talking about the officiating was quoted as saying, "We lost the game because we fumbled the ball at our own 20 and we couldn't catch a kickoff. But it was a one-sided officiated game, yes. So they can reprimand my ass." No word if the MWC officials including the fool upstairs in the video replay booth was reprimanded for a horrible call.


Perhaps the MWC should put as much emphasis into making their officials better and getting their upstart television network The Mtn onto TV as they have in this public reprimand. Then again, everyone can watch the game and see how horrible MWC really are…


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