2nd Half Woes

In what is becoming a nasty habit the Lobo football team was once again outscored in the 2nd half as they fall to the Wyoming Cowboys 14-10

The Saturday night game started off exactly like the Lobos had planned it as Wyoming freshman QB Karsten Sween started moving the Cowboy offense for a score when CB DeAndre Wright snared an interception in the end zone ending the Wyoming drive.



The Lobos in what is becoming a habitual thing for the offense proceeded in going 3 and out and Jordan Scott nailed a huge punt for the Lobos. Sween went under center and was promptly sacked by Tyler Donaldson. As a bonus Donaldson forced a fumble that was scooped up by Tyson Ditmore and the Lobo offense was in business.

Tyson Ditmore


The Lobos have had problems with any kind of sustained offensive drive, but when the Lobo D gets them a short field they have been very good at cashing in and that is exactly what happened as behind the Lobo offensive line Rodney Ferguson leaped over the Wyoming defense for the touchdown.

Rodney Scores!


In what had to be the play of the game possibly the year for the Wyoming Cowboys happened as the Lobos kicked off with momentum on their side. The Wyoming kick returner came out of the end zone and was promptly dumped on the 11 yard line by Frankie Baca. The Lobo defense did the rest with a sack and a rush for no gain forcing the Wyoming punter to kick from inside the end zone with The Red Menace chanting at his back… "BLOCK THAT KICK!" That is exactly what looked like was going to happen as the punter Billy Vinnedge was forced to pull down the punt, unfortunately, for UNM Vinnedge had a clear lane and on 4th and 14 he was able to get 17 yards and the 1st down. While Wyoming wasn't able to get a drive going Vinnedge's run saved Wyoming from giving up more points at a crucial time and undoubtabaly was the play of the game for Wyoming.


In a quick 1st quarter the Lobos were up and traded series with the Cowboys as Sween was being hit pretty well and the Lobo defense was living up to their usual nasty stingy selves.  In Wyoming's first series in the 2nd quarter Quincy Black picked off Sween after the ball bounced off a Wyoming player's hand. Black took the ball to the Lobo side of the field. In comes Lobo Fr-RS QB Donovan Porterie and while he didn't look spectacular they were able to take the ball to the Wyoming 28 where Kenny Byrd put one between the uprights and give the Lobos a 10- 0 lead.


As the 1st half ended Rodney Ferguson once again had the ball knocked out of his hands and Wyoming had a chance for a cheap field goal with :01 left in the half. The Wyoming kicker missed it and that really was the last break that went the Lobos way as Wyoming was able to string together 2 drives in the 2nd half and come away with a victory in Rocky Long Stadium 14-10


Tale of Two QB's


With Kole McKamey going out earlier this season Chris Nelson has come on and done a good job in leading the Lobos to victory over the New Mexico State Aggies and Utep Miners. In both games it seemed like the entire offense and defense rallied around the backup QB and there wasn't much videotape on Nelson in the new offense. Unfortunately, the past 2 weeks with tape on him Nelson did not have his best days and with RS-Fr. Donovan Porterie aka "the future" on the bench Coach Long and Toledo decided that he would get some time.

The best reliever in UNM history?

(courtesy NewMexicoSportsnews.com)


In Saturday's game neither QB (Nelson 4-14 44 yards and Porterie 7-17 for 68) looked greater then the other with the exception of Porterie's ability to scramble out of bad situations and the long ball to Travis Brown. Unfortunately, the inconsistency of being a freshman, a redshirt at that, did rear its head; and the best thing about being a freshmen is that they become sophomores is true.

                                                                                       Time to start Donovan? (AP photo)


Chris Nelson has been great in relief duties as a quarterback for this Lobo football program. There is no taking that away from him and we as fans should be grateful to him for the victories that he has led the Lobos to, however, like most relief pitchers in baseball they don't seem to have the same ability when starting a game. Is Nelson that guy? Is he the great cool, calm, and collective guy that can step into situations after having the headphones on when everything looks its bleakest? It sure looks that way to this writer… Curious to see what the Lobo coaches think and if they will hand the reigns over to the "The future."


Inside the Locker Room with Rudy C.


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Our field reporter Rudy Chavez goes inside the locker room for some raw audio footage for all to hear. We would like to thank the players and Coach Long for this opportunity as well as Rudy for going down and getting this done. It can't be easy for anyone involved after an emotional loss like that to have to try and put it into words.





Defensive Player of the Game

Is it just me, or is Tyler Donaldson having a hell of a year? This week Donaldson had 10 tackles 2 for loss. 2 sacks, and a forced fumble.


Next Saturday's game


Next Saturday's game is once again on The Mtn which means 99% of the human race won't see the game unless of course you make it down to SneakerZ at 4100 San Mateo Blvd just South of Montgomery as they have The Mtn. Join The Red Menace at SneakerZ for the game followed up by the Red Menace Post Game show on 1310 The Ticket.





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