'Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

All apologies to Jimi Hendrix but there was a Cherry and Silver Haze as Tony Danridge and JR Giddens were "Kissing the sky" in this year's Lobo Howl dunk contest. Check out our exclusive videos only on TheRedMenace.com !

Some folks that dunk contest had become passé. That they were tired and you know what I was beginning to agree with that thinking… Let me tell you what after last night's Dunk Fiesta featuring Lobo juniors JR Giddens and Tony Danridge my thoughts have changed. I asked Coach Didrickson prior to the Lobo Howl who all were going to participate and all said they couldn't compete with Tony D. and JR so only those 2 guys were going to go at…


We all know that Tony D. can dunk a basketball his monster last season vs. Kansas St. was a huge feature on ESPN Sportscenter and those that have followed Lobo sports know how explosive the guy is… As great as his accolades are nothing could compare to what he showed Friday night!


JR Giddens is another young man that there is no doubt can fly. The McDonald's All-American transfer from Kansas is both electrifying and exciting. If you watched any of our videos over the summer you've seen some spectacular dunks on our exclusive videos here on TheRedMenace.com…


Here are the Lobos and JR warming up for the dunk contest!


Well we have done it again as I headed down for The Howl and grabbed a court seat for what has to have been the greatest dunk competition on any level that I have ever seen. Nobody else is going to give you this video so make sure and tell your friends, fellow Lobo fans, and neighbors that TheRedMenace.com is here for you all to take advantage and have fun.


The contest was broken into 3 rounds and I've videotaped all of them. Click on the rounds so you to can see the masters of the air at work.


Round 1


Tony D. Around the back slam

JR Giddens: Takes off from the free throw line and slams it down


Round 2


Tony D. reverse 360 with a windmill throw down

JR Giddens through the legs monster


Round 3


Tony D: Dunks the Donut and hangs on the rim!

JR Giddens Cradles the baby!


Crowd noise decided the winner…


And the winner is!



After the game I was talking to Coach Didrickson about the alumni game vs. coaches game (story this week) where Coach D. threw one done to the delight of the Lobo basketball players and I told him next year he was in the dunk contest no doubt. "No way I could compete with those guys," said Coach D. "That is the best dunk competition I have ever seen live or on television."


I have to agree coach. I have to agree!



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Sorry I didn't have any still photos as I forgot to charge the digital camera up. I hope the videos make up for it :)

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