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Sorry about the delay on this one. I was hoping to get Coach Mckay for a podcast but we weren't able to connect. Still we have some great video footage as well as interviews with Tony Danridge and Aaron "Big Sexy" Johnson !

Just wanted to finish up some Howl stuff… Mostly Video and some great interviews with Dunk Champion Tony Danridge and Big Sexy aka, Sexual Chocolate aka, Super Robin, aka Batman, the man of 1,000 aliases Aaron Johnson.


First was the women's howl…    Covered by Wes Henderson    Click here to see his report!


The men's Howl followed and here is a quick report!

Coach Mckay gets some love from his players


If you missed the Howl the men's basketball staff with Jamaal Smith's pops Robert Smith teamed up to play some Lobo alumni… I've got some video. If you want to see it J let me know on the message board…


Then came the intros of the players. Check out the fun the guys were having. I'm telling you this is going to be a very enjoyable year of JUST basketball!


Click here for the video of the intros.


This was quickly followed up by the greatest Dunk Contest ever seen by man!


Click here for the Dunk stories and videos!


Roman Martinez and David Kanyinda


This was followed by the men lining up and doing a little running… I have some thoughts of some of the players I wanted to drop on all you and hope you bring your thoughts on our men's basketball board.


JR Giddens is simply Da Man! The guy can shoot from deep, take it down low, can hang in the air, and we all know he can dunk!


Aaron "Big Sexy" Johnson is a beast under the board. It isn't that he is super power underneath, it is his positioning and desire that makes him the greatest rebounder we have had around here in a long long time…


Jamaal Smith has a motor and pushes the ball harder then any point guard we have had in years. He also has a nice shot from downtown!


Tony Danridge is still a little too tentative for the coaching staff and I know they want him to hoist the ball more and take over games. In plenty of practices I hear Coach Mckay telling Tony all the time at practice, "I love you taking that shot Tony."  Tony, let me just re-emphasis… Lobo fans love you taking that shot Tony!


Darren Prentice's move to off guard really makes him exciting and really he is a young man that can sprint up on down the court with Jamaal.


Daniel Faris is just coming along nicely. He makes the right moves and continues to put on the muscle. He is a hungry young pup that can flat out hurt you.


Sean Imadiyi and Chad Toppert

Chad Toppert is a shooter deluxe and when called upon he is going to drive the nail in plenty of opponents coffins this year.


Okay enough of my talking. Here is some video of this weekend's Lobo Howl!


Video Highlights of the 1st half


Video Highlights of the 2nd half



Also, after the Howl I got a chance to speak with Tony Danridge.


Listen to Tony D. by clicking here!


Also, an interview with one of the funniest and most aggressive dudes to ever don the Cherry and Silver. Mr. Aaron Johnson aka Big Sexy! If you missed The Howl, you missed seeing Big Sexy air ball a free throw. I asked him about it during the interview and well… Just listen and enjoy!


Click Here for Big Sexy


He's an old man!


Talk about all of it on the Lobo Men's basketball message board!


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