Once Upon A Time...

A long long time ago in a place far away our heroes the University of New Mexico Lobos went into a place so removed from modern technology that they don't have TV to play a football game vs. the CSU Rams.

Our heroes not sure what to expect… running water, electricity, indoor plumbing went up riding a 2 game winning streak on the back of a surging redshirt freshmen Donovan Porterie. Meanwhile back in Albuquerque and the rest of the modern world we all hunkered down in front of our computers to watch an internet streaming broadcast of this alleged showdown. See our big bad television partner CSTV/The Mtn did not allow any of our local television stations to carry the game and broadcast it back to Lobo fans so we were stuck with internet streaming. Or were we? We hit the streaming audio and hoped for the best.


As we all looked like a 1950's family crammed into a room to watch the game on my little 19' in computer screen we were treated to a commercial of the Loch Ness monster spitting a truck out of its mouth countless times and those ever popular words… "Your event hasn't yet begun. Please try back later!"


Meanwhile back in Fort Collins it was kickoff CSU went 3 and out and the Lobos immediately took their opening drive and stormed down the field scoring on a Rodney Ferguson touchdown as Porterie looked HOT!


Yet another TV commercial on my computer of a mechanical monster once again trying to eat a truck… "Your even hasn't yet begun. Please try back later!" We had good pizza though courtesy of Dom and continued to listen to the game trying to figure out what was going on in the field… Not an easy task for someone that grew up WATCHING sports on TV.


CSU gets the ball back down by 7 and was stuffed again. In comes Porterie leading the Lobo offense down the field leading up to a Kenny Byrd 39 yard field goal and 10 point lead! Could the Lobos really be manhandling the Rams this easy?


As the dreaded 2nd quarter starts and I'm hit once again with that truck commercial over the internet UNM officials e-mailed that there was trouble with the feed and streaming wasn't looking to good.


Yes it was the 2nd quarter. The bugaboo quarter for UNM where they seem to give up tons of points while not scoring many. Would this continue? Of course it would as CSU's Caleb "Mr" Hanie hit Damon Morton for a touchdown!


Lobos go 3 and out and the often-maligned CSU place kicker nails a 49-yard field goal to tie the game up at 10… Whew… the Lobos survived the 2nd quarter only giving up 10 points. Not a bad thing as it wasn't an insurmountable lead; CSU just had new life is all…

Halftime we were still dreaming of our streaming video, but those damn truck commercials kept coming up and my finger was tired of hitting the refresh button. Looks like internet audio was all we were going to have and like I said I just couldn't follow the action, but we did our best.


Lobos start the 2nd half with the ball and go 3 and out giving CSU the ball back and they tack on a field goal! Lobos get the ball back and according to what I hear Porterie fumbles the ball, CSU's Mr. Hanie hits Damon Morton for another touchdown and the 2nd quarter hell has extended…


Something that everyone hates in any kind of a drive though as CSU muffed the snap and the Rams ended up with a 19-10 lead and the Lobo offense looking not very good. Lobos get the ball back and go 3 and out and the 3rd quarter was mercifully over…


Another thing that was over was that I turned off the streaming video, as I just couldn't hang with that stupid commercial anymore. I swore to myself I would never buy that truck for as long as I live!


Like flipping the switch the 4th quarter started and the Lobos started again as well! 1st play of the 4th quarter Quincy Black intercepts a Mr. Hanie pass. 1st offensive play of the 4th quarter was Porterie hitting Travis Brown for a 35-yard touchdown pass!


CSU took the ensuing kickoff and set up for a 42-yard field goal, which was missed! Lobos get the ball at their own 20-yard line with Donovan Porterie behind the center down by 2 points, could it happen again?


1st play of the drive was a bad exchange between Vince Natali and Donovan Porterie fumble! Luckily Porterie fell right on it! Then Rodney Ferguson on 2nd and 11 goes for 15 yards… 1st down! Porterie scrambles for another 1st down then hits John Mulchrone for a 23 yard 1st down pass, then it was Rodney, Rodney, Rodney and with :01 showing on the clock Kenny Byrd steps onto the field and coolly and calmly nails a 33 yard field goal for the game winning score!


Things I liked


How cool is Porterie and Byrd. Both just step on the field and take care of business!


You have to love how the whole team rallies around Porterie and all of a sudden catches are being made, blocks are being made, running backs are able to hit holes.


This team refuses to give up! Doesn't matter what they are down by or the time on the clock they refuse to give up!


Things I didn't like


Okay this television contract with CSTV is horrible. It is so not fan friendly and it hurts Lobo fans across the city, state, and country!


The 2nd quarter bugaboo extended into the 3rd quarter!


That TV commercial with the truck!


Offensive Player of the Week


Lots of options but I'm going with Rodney Ferguson. While Porterie did hit some pretty nice passes and had some nice scrambles it was Rodney's 15-yard run in the final drive and his ensuing runs that kept that drive alive!


Defensive Player of the Week


Tyler Donaldson


Tyler once again came up with a big sack and had 2.5 tackles for loss!

And everyone lives happily ever after!

all photos courtesy of AP


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