We Were There For Their First...

We want to wish our Seniors farewell and thank them for everything they have done for us! Plus some exclusive video of a Lobo football tradition inside

This time of year is always bittersweet for us here at TheRedMenace.com as we say goodbye to another senior class here at UNM. While many of you have only seen these guys on game day we have been lucky to see each and everyone of these players on their very 1st day of practice in a Lobo practice jersey, so it is only fitting that we made it out today (Thanksgiving Day) for their last official practice.


So many of you may or may not know that there is a tradition at UNM for the final official practice (UNM gets 15 more if they dispatch of SDSU Saturday.) that underclassmen carry the seniors off of the field for their last practice. Dom and I felt that we watched these seniors 1st ever practice, we should be there for their last. So we brought out the video camera and will bring the tadition home to you.



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just to let you know, there are a few swear words so don't be offended



#44 Yimin Baumen


Yimin moved from linebacker to fullback his senior year and really did a spectacular job! The guy loves contact and always brings it. My favorite memory is hearing former Lobo CB Gabriel Fulbright always screaming, "I see you Yimin! I see ya!"


#60 Billy Brittain


A local product from La Cueva HS that worked hard each and every day for his playing time while here at UNM, my favorite moment was watching Billy was at the 2006 Night of Champions! A hardworking young man that always worked hard!


#11 Quincy Black


I remember hearing Quincy's name right after spring ball in 2004 and being pretty excited about the Chicago native coming to ball at UNM. The soft spoken young man always brings an extra lick to the ball carrier and has a knack for being at the right place at the right time. My favorite thoughts about Quincy are people trying to compare him to former Lobo Brian Urlacher since he moved to the Lobo position and "Q" being the man that he is saying, not Brian is Brian and I am who I am! We will always love "Q" here at The Red Menace!


#80 Kenny Byrd


What can you say about the former soccer player from St. Pius X HS (Albuquerque) other then he is a weapon! It doesn't matter what spot of the field the Lobos are on, most Lobo fans feel Kenny Byrd will hit the game winner! Dude is nails and I look forward for him kicking for my Dallas Cowboys next year J So many great memories of Kenny Byrd, but my favorite was always his freshmen year after earning the starting job and playing well missed an extra point at Utah St. that sealed a victory for those Aggies and a disconsolate Kenny Byrd wanted to fall on the ground in pain. Former Lobo Claude Terrell ran up to Kenny, picked up, and they both walked each other off the field. Both Big C and Kenny B. have gone on to have fine careers and it will be a long time until we see another kicker like Kenny!



#52 Matthew Campbell


A transfer and relative newcomer but definitely a force on special teams who comes and lays the lumber to anyone that comes into his area!


#48 Justin Clayton


Justin is quick hard hitting LB that seemed to get better each and every year he played at UNM. Always loved to see the intensity this young man brought to the practice fields and the games. He thrived on working hard and leading by example. My favorite moment of Justin was this spring when he made a play in front of me and Def. Coordinator Osia Lewis got on him for posing for the camera. Just a funny moment from a serious young man and a great guy Justin Clayton!


#64 Bo Greer


"The Sheriff" I'm going to miss ol' Bo! The guy is a tough as nails OL and the first time I interviewed him he talked about the tradition of The Hitmen and Got Syrup? He knew what was expected of him and worked his tail off. My favorite moment was this fall my daughter went out with me to practice and his first chance to take some photos. OL Coach Bob Stanley told Bo who was stretching, "Get up and let that girl take a picture of you!" Bo got up let my daughter take the picture and made sure she had a good one before going back to stretching. Another special guy that will be missed!


#27 Aleem Harris


Aleem no doubt had a tough senior year. I won't go into the details, as I'm sure you all have heard the story by now, but part of his senior year was taken away from him. Rather then quit on his teammates and quit on himself Aleem continued to work hard and to push through for his opportunity to come back to the team and play once again. A lesser man would have bailed out on the whole situation but Aleem receives huge props from me for doing what it takes to not only be a football player, but to be a man! My favorite memory of Aleem was an e-mail I received from him while he was suspended. Once again I'm not going to go into details but I will always remember was that not once did I hear him cry or bemoan his situation. He just worked hard to try and make things right!


 #58 Beau Hightower


Beau always went to work on the practice field and did his part to make this program better. While we see the guys on Saturday, we have to remember there are guys that are working hard every day of the week just in case they are called upon!

#74 Patrick Hodges


Patrick battled hard for his playing time. Unfortunately, for him was that UNM had a couple of other guys that started in front of him. Still the Ruidoso native continued to work hard and when he played or started was a strong member of The Hitmen squad!



#12 Kole McKamey


First off, we all know that Kole has petitioned the NCAA for a medical redshirt that would give him a 6th year at the helm here at UNM and we are hoping that he gets it. What can I say about the Artesia native? He like former Lobos Hank Baskett and DonTrell Moore opened up new areas around the state for UNM football. The city of Artesia follows and loves their native son and he will be sorely missed, as he is an excellent field general and an all around great guy. Kole suffered some tough injuries while here at UNM including this year's season ending knee injury but through it all he has come out on top. I can't even begin to think of a single moment that I can share as one of my favorite moments as they are to numerous to count. I guess I would have to say that last year after a couple of losses I saw Kole off the field and he was really down in the dumps. The guy took the losses hard and felt that many Lobo fans and the state were really down on him. I told him he was wrong that Lobo fans like most fans were fickle and he said, "Well I know The Red Menace always has my back!" Indeed we do Kole! Indeed we do!


#83 John Mulchrone


A JC transfer whose hands are superb. Kole McKamey said he has some of the best hands on this Lobo football team and after watching him catch the ball there is no doubt. Some injuries put Mulchrone on the sideline at times this year but he battled through them and looks to finish the season off nicely


#5 Chris Nelson


Quite possibly the best relief QB ever at UNM! Chris's 2 years at UNM have been one that saves the Lobos when the starter gets injured. Not blessed with the strongest arm, or the fastest legs, he has ice water flowing through his veins and when Kole McKamey went out last year Nelson kept the Lobos winning, when the McKamey went down this year he won a huge game for UNM. When Porterie went down earlier this season Rocky Long once again turned to Nelson who does whatever he can to win games for the Lobos. If the starter goes down there is no other guy I would want taking over then Chris Nelson. He lives and thrives in those moments like no other QB I have ever seen here. My favorite moment of Nelson's had to be every game he was asked to come on and replace the injured QB and he would find a way to win!


#97 Curtis Pino aka The Passion!


Who could forget the flowing locks as Curtis grew his hair long! At the time Mel Gibson's movie The Passion was coming out and Curtis looked like he belonged in the flick! We started calling him that and the name stuck! In an interview with Curtis on our radio show we found out that Curtis was growing the hair to have it "harvested" i.e. cut off for cancer victims to have after chemotherapy. WOW! Let me say Dom and I were both very impressed. While Curtis may not get the playing time he wants he is the first guy out the tunnel and into the Red Menace Zone to get the fans fired up, and the last guy there as well. Curtis may not always play but his attitude is definitely one that is proud to be a Lobo!



#59 Robert Turner


The hell raiser from Austin Texas has always been a blast to watch. He has one mentality on the field. Rip his opponents head off. He is the ultimate big nasty that just brings it, brings it, brings it, and brings it some more! Just a happy go lucky young man with a mischievous smile as he is pounding the defensive lineman in front of him into jelly! My favorite moments of Robert Turner was watching him during practice knowing when he was going to start a little fight with one of the defensive linemen. It wasn't to hurt his teammate but just to fire everyone up. You could see it develop, and just knew it was going to happen!



#89 Thomas Wilson


The dude with the wild haircut and beard! T-Will goes out and gets the ball anyway he can and does what he can to get it. My favorite game time was last year vs. Wyoming when sub Chris Nelson threw an awkward pass towards the sideline. T-Will was able to haul in the pass and set up a field goal.


#1 Ben Wysong


Another of the unheralded Lobos that goes out every practice to make this program better. Lobo fans may not have heard this name much but they should be proud of guys like Ben Wysong that do it for the love of this program and the love of the game!


Thank you each and everyone of you for the sacrifices and the hard work. For the injuries, for the blood, the sweat, the tears, for the serious ups of winning and the tough losses, for all the entertainment and enjoyment you have brought to the fans. Especially those that read this website and hang out in the north end zone. We thank you for leaping into the stands, for the interview, for the practice time, the pictures, and most importantly for being a special breed of athlete that isn't stuck on himself. An athlete that takes time out for their fans with a high 5 or a point, or a smile! I guess what I'm saying is Thank you seniors for being Lobos!

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