Dealing With Adversity

Things may not have gone well on the court last week, but this team is 5-2 and podcast with Coach sure sounds good for the first time this year!

Adversity-ad·ver·si·ty Pronunciation Key-[ad-vur-si-tee]

  1. Adverse fortune or fate; a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress: A friend will show his or her true colors in times of adversity.


  1. an adverse or unfortunate event or circumstance: You will meet many adversities in life.


After last week's games for the University of New Mexico Lobos men's basketball team I kept hearing and seeing this word on the message boards, in the papers… Well I saw this words and plenty of others as well, but this one stuck in my head the most because, well because that is exactly what happened to the Lobos a week ago.


The high flying Lobos were a solid 5-0 going into their first road trips of the year feeling pretty good about themselves, even the usual negative media was starting to throw a few bouquets. Then the Lobos went on the road and were promptly trounced. It wasn't pretty, in fact, it was ugly! All of a sudden, the bouquets that were being thrown turned into sticks and rocks as Coach Mckay and his troops took verbal lambasting not only on our message boards, but on the radio, in the newspapers, around water coolers all across the great state of New Mexico.


With all that in mind we've been playing phone tag with Coach Ritchie Mckay as we wanted to get a podcast in to talk to coach about the season thus far and the games versus New Mexico State and UTEP. Let me say this right off, Coach Mckay does not have to do this. He is not obligated to he isn't paid by us, doesn't receive any special favors from us, and could have easily blown us off and after some of the posts this past week I wouldn't have blamed him for doing so…


Well Coach is a bigger man then that and Sunday I received a message saying, "I don't want the fans thinking I will only talk with you guys through the good times. I'll speak and answer questions when things aren't going perfectly either." Adversity. We all have it at times in our lives, the test of a real man or woman is how they handle that adversity and bounce back, since I've known Coach Mckay I've found that he faces it head on.

Listen to today's podcast. Mckay. The Grinch That Stole Christmas?


Now for those "haters" out there I suggest you not listen to today's podcast because you aren't going to like it. It isn't an emotional rip your hair out roller coaster ride where people are freaking out and slitting their wrists. If you are expecting a hate filled venomous anger and hate driven question and answer session loaded with traps and disgust I suggest you stick to reading the paper and listening to the flagship.

How could you not love little Cindy Lou Who


Coach always tells me, "Don't be afraid to ask me the hard questions." So I don't know you be the judge if they are hardball questions or softballs. Coach told me I sound horrible today and I do as I'm fighting off a cold and sore throat, but like I said, "I'm sure the fans want to hear your voice and words more then they want to hear mine." So without further ado, another exclusive podcast with Coach Ritchie Mckay!


Coach Ritchie Mckay with The Red Menace

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