'A Mature Decision'

Booker T Washington standout QB changes his mind and commits to Harvard.

Late last year we had learned that Booker T. Washington HS (Tulsa OK) QB Collier Winters had committed to play football for the University of New Mexico. At the time UNM along with Harvard were the two school showing the most interest in the young man and with former offensive coordinator and current Tulsa head man Bob Toledo pushing hard Collier verballed to UNM.


As we all know a verbal commitment is not binding and schools are able to still recruit these players. I spoke with Collier's father today about Collier's decision to go to Harvard.


"Collier received all the paperwork that would allow him to attend Harvard University last Tuesday," said the elder Winters. "So after mulling over this decision for a few days we contacted Coach Long and told him that Collier would be going to Harvard."


Obviously a difficult decision for a young man to make, "Collier's dream since he was a little boy was to be a D-I quarterback and to get a degree, "said Mr. Winters. "As a father I was proud of Collier mature response. While Harvard is a step down from UNM football-wise, he realizes what a Harvard degree and education would mean for him after his football says are over. Collier didn't expect it to happen (acceptance into Harvard) but after it did he decided to look at the bigger picture."


I asked Mr. Winters if Toledo leaving UNM was the reason that Collier had changed his mind. "Collier really liked Coach Toledo and he really worked hard on recruiting Collier, but we really liked what was going on at UNM," said Winters. "Collier stayed committed to UNM after Toledo left and was committed to UNM until the paperwork for Harvard was sent to us, so no, Toledo leaving didn't affect his decision."

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