Red Menace Radio 2/4

Check out today's podcasts and how you the fan can get involved in hosting your own podcast!

Today's Red Menace Radio we discuss Lobo basketball, Lobo football news, and the Super Bowl. Click on either link to listen to Red Menace Radio.


The Lobos defeat CSU


MWC Player of the Week leads UNM past CSU


The Super Bowl


Former Lobo Brian Urlacher played in Sunday's Super Bowl




If you are interested in getting involved and doing your own segments, here is how you can get involved.


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How to Podcast!


Ever listened to a sports radio show and thought. I can do a better job than they do. (Hint: You probably can!) Or called into a show with a list of things you wanted to talk about and they cut you off after :10 seconds so they could get to a commercial or some other caller on? Well I know how that feels and we thought with modern technology being what it is why not allow people to do podcasts right here.

The hardest part about doing a podcast or internet video/TV show is finding people to listen to it! This is where can help you! We have over 18,000 hits a day with thousands of people reading everyday, so why not do your talking here? I'm sure other Lobo fans would love to hear your thoughts and who knows they might just want to join in themselves.

To Get Started

To get started doing podcasts all you need is:

A.)A microphone/recorder

You can go purchase a microphone at your local electronics store for under $20.00 or use a digital recorder ($59.00 and up) like we do. For those of you that really want to get into and maybe do your podcast with another fan I would suggest buying some telephone recording equipment at your local electronics store or learning how to use internet recording places like (Skype is a free service)

C.)An editing tool

There are plenty online so check it out. I personally use
This is a free download and if you look on your internet browser you will find a video tutorial to help you use this software. It really is easy and a lot of fun.

D.)A place to host your podcast purhcased 800 gigs of bandwith last year so we do have some space to host a few podcasts right now, but if you really want to become a Podcast superstar we suggest you purchase your own bandwith so you can archive your podcasts forever. Right now is one of the cheapest out there and the one we use. They are pretty cool and very helpful for those of us that aren't that internet savvy. While other folks have their "blogs" you have your podcast network!

E.) An Idea

This is by far the most important part of any podcast. Find out what you want to talk about. If you want to do it with a partner. If you want to add music, sound bytes, sound effects, interviews, back and forth, talk about the Lobos, the Aggies, sports, politics, news, entertainment...

Explore your mind, think about what you want to do, put it on paper, or keep it in your head, start recording, edit it, and publish it...

Obviously if you need any help at all I am more than willing to help you get started, and going. You can e-mail me at or call me 505-239-4584 and I would be more than willing to help you out with ideas or share the little knoweledge I have in this.

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