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It isn't only musicians that can get into "Da' Club" Yo Check it out! has always been about "fans" helping out and being a part of the University of New Mexico. Part of that is allowing fans to write or forward information about UNM. With that said, two of the members of The Red Menace family Cliff aka Lobodawg92 and Lobolynn are part of this year's Lobo Club membership drive.

So we asked Cliff to come up with some information that we can publish to get more of The Red Menace peeps involved with the Lobo Club. We would like to thank Cliff for doing so and here is the information that we requested:

Lobo Club

It's about the student-athletes

AND their education!


The Lobo Club is entering its 75th year in existence.  What do they do, and why do they need our support?


Many of us have heard of the Lobo Club, and know they ask for money, and that you must contribute in order to purchase prime seating locations at select UNM sports.  Many know it is used as the basis of obtaining parking passes and getting priority seating at Bowl games and the MWC tourney.  But how many know what the money is used for?


In short, it is money used to provide (pay for) the scholarships of the student-athletes.  Donations are not used to pay coaches salaries, boondoggle trips, airplane flights, stadium upgrades or even for Paul Krebs' pencils.  This is the fundraising arm of the Lobo Athletic department and its' sole monetary goal is to provide scholarships for Lobo student-athletes.


Does this donation help the Athletic department?  Yes, but the shortfall of funds has to be made up from other sources.  The more the Lobo Club raises, the less the shortage the Department has to make up and the more available for other things like recruiting and retaining the best coaches and student-athletes.


For this coming year, the projected cost for scholarships is just shy of $3.5 million.  The donations for the Club last year were around $2.5 million.  This is obviously about a million dollars short.  So, that answers why they are asking for donations, or asking for a 7.5% or more increase in your donation if you arte already a member and can do so.  Donation levels start at $50/year, but honestly we'll take any amount and every contribution makes a difference.  If you can contribute more, that is wonderful.  They are not looking to put anyone in a bind, but if you have the means, this is a great way to support the athletes themselves.  Your purchase of tickets, Lobo Dogs and such support the athletic department, but your donations to the Lobo Club are direct support to the scholarships for the student-athletes.


If you would like to join, have questions, comments or even complaints; please drop me an e-mail with your name, telephone number, and a convenient time to call. My e-mail address is  I would be glad to answer any questions I can, and I can meet with you if you would like.  You can also ezbox me through the website Lobodawg92 and another person in this year's drive is also a member of the The Red Menace LoboLynn. You may contact her as well.


If you are interested in getting better seats or learning more about the different benefits at the donation levels you can go to:


The Lobo Club website and membership benefits




If you are ready to join, you can just e-mail the info below and I will take care of it!  If you prefer, I can take this info over the phone as well.  Thanks, and GO LOBOS!


If you are ready to join, you can just e-mail the info below and I will take care of it!  If you prefer, I can take this info over the phone as well.  Thanks, and GO LOBOS!


You can also get your children involved with The Lobo Club through the Junior Lobo Club. It is a great way to a.) donate some cha-ching to UNM b.) get your children involved with Lobo athletics. For more information on how to become a member of the Junior Lobo Club you can contact me of course or to see the benefits of being a Junior Lobo Club member may I suggest you hit their website:

Junior Lobo Club Website


A great way to meet new friends and to network, and a great feeling in knowing that your money is going to help better UNM, Albuquerque, and the state of New Mexico.

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