2007 Night of Champions

The 2007 Night of Champions is documented by audio and video only on TheRedMenace.com

I'm not going to spend a lot of time writing a story as I believe a picture or video is worth a million years and I'm sure you would much rather see those instead of seeing me yak!


Tonight according to Strength and conditioning Coach Mark Paulsen the Lobos were going to focus on football lifts. In this podcast with Coach Paulsen he says it best, while upper body strength is important, it is the lower body that has to be stronger.


Click here to listen to Coach Mark Paulsen


Let me preface the video with a warning. It starts off with Coach Paulsen explaining the Night of Champions, as well as the trophies that will be presented i.e. The Beefmaster trophies and one that was renamed… "The Kegler" after former Lobo D-lineman Daniel Kegler… "Kegs" all of a sudden comes out of the background with his version of The Kegler pump you up… Aww hell I can't explain what it is, you'll have to watch the video to hear it and see it to believe it! Coach Long started laughing and said, "This isn't for show, Kegler has done this since I've known him."


Here is the video of the Night of Champions squat competition!


The biggest star of the night!


JC Transfer 5-10 210lb defensive back Brandon Johnson (Delta Community College)


Click here to listen to Brandon Johnson!


Johnson was flat out amazing snapping the position record for defensive backs as he promptly walked up and squatted 570 lbs! According to Coach Long, "He makes it look easy doesn't he? I think that if he continues to push himself and work that hard he can squat 600lbs. next year."


Next up was the power clean. For those of you that don't know what the power clean is I suggest you check out the video and you will learn. According to Coach Long as we were both hanging out on some weight equipment in the back to see over those in the front of us… Now don't freak out people I was not lifting weights. Not even the 12 oz. variety as both Rocky Long and I wanted to know why Dom didn't bring any beer or his famous brisket…


Oh I digress, anyway Rocky told me the best lift for a football play was the Power Clean as Rocky said, you use your upper body, your lower body, and have to be athletic enough to get under the bar once you get the bar up!


Video of the Power Clean competition!


I'm still waiting for confirmation as Coach Paulsen told me in our interview that Ian Clark smashed a position record this evening, however in the "official" stats from UNM sent via e-mail they don't list Ian as a record breaker. I will get on that soon. However a couple of power clean records were officially broken as


Linebacker Major Mosley tied his own record of 374 lbs.


O-lineman Devin Clark power cleaned 374 lbs.


Kicker Adam Miller power cleaned 318lbs.


While these records were smashed you can see in the video how hard it is to take these numbers higher as Devin Clark tried like hell to set a school record of 400lbs. as 3 times he made the attempt. Each time just coming up a bit short, it wasn't just Clark trying to smoke records as D-lineman Jeremiah Lovato and Kevin Balogun both made runs at the defensive lineman record for power clean, ultimately coming up short.


Still I'm positive that Coach Paulsen and Aaron Day both said Clark broke a record, I interviewed Clark under the assumption he broke a record, so darn it the record is broken!


Listen to Ian Clark after breaking the DB power clean record.



Like I said at the beginning of tonight's recap the Lobos did not do the bench press or incline press tonight but that doesn't mean they didn't' do it during the entire weight lifting session, and while he didn't compete tonight I would be remiss not to mention that Lobo QB Victor James broke two records this year for quarterbacks.


385 pounds on the bench press and 320 pounds on the incline press.


Congratulations to all of these record breakers and participants. We look forward to seeing you next week as spring practice starts!


Spring Practice Update


Coach Long said that spring practice is open to the public so we hope to see some of you there. If you cannot or do not make it make sure and stay tuned to TheRedMenace.com as we will once bring you Lobo Spring Practice for our 7th year!

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