Podcasting with Monquel Pegues

During his official visit this weekend Monquel Pegues headed out to see the football stadium and Lobo spring football practice, and of course The Red Menace was there!

The University of New Mexico Lobo coaching staff offered an invitation to big Monquel Pegues this weekend and we had a chance to speak with Monquel as he was checking out the football stadium including watching the Lobos run some spring football drills.


We couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk with the 6'10" Pegues decked out in his Michael Jordan powder blue NC jersey, so Dom, Rudy C., and myself were scurrying… Okay, more like lumbering to catch up to Mr. Pegues. We caught up with Monquel and shared an interview with KRQE Channel 13 here in Albuquerque. The first thing I noticed is that Monquel said is he is having a great time complete with a big smile. Within Monquel's smile is that on of his front teeth is silver with the capital letter "M" inscribed on it. Unfortunately, in the picture we have Monquel didn't' smile to model his letter "M" but he did agree to an interview so here it is!



Click here to listen to Monquel's interview


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