2006-07 Women's Basketball Banquet

What a season the women's hoops team had here for the University of New Mexico. Friday night we celebrated that season and sent of 3 seniors in grand fashion.

The 2006-07 Lobo Women's Basketball season came to a close Friday night with the women's basketball banquet. The '06-'07 is another winning season that should be considered a huge success for Coach Flanagan and his team. They put up twenty plus every year, they have won for of the last 5 MWC tourney championships, and have been to the NCAA tournament the last six years, and have packed The Pit year in and year out with some of the most rabid of fans nationwide.


In a season that had its ups and downs we will most remember this team as a "rebuilding" team that refused to give up when things were looking bleak early in the pre-season schedule, and even bleaker as they opened MWC regular season play. I will always remember the will and determination of the seniors of this year's team (Katie Montgomery, Timi E-Nunu, and Julie Briody) to call their team together and instill the tradition of women's hoops here in New Mexico. A tradition of never quitting, never giving up on themselves or their teammates! With that Lobo hoops fans bid farewell to these 3 seniors and celebrated this season with the team.


The Banquet was held at the beautiful Hotel Albuquerque in Old Town, as 950 families, friends and fans joined the team in celebrating another great year in Lady Lobos Basketball. The Master of Ceremonies was part time play-by-play guy Joe Barron. Joining us from the governor's office was Lt. Governor Diane Denish, who had some insightful words for the team and stories about her support of Don Flanagan and the Lady Lobos. The awards that were given out tonight are the following:


Ø      Best Attitude Amy Beggin

Ø      Most Improved Christian Shelter

Ø      Best Defensive Player Brandi Kimble

Ø      Community Lobo was Katie Montgomery

Ø      Reach for the Stars (MVP) was Julie Briody


Each award was very deserving, but I have to personally admit the best part of the banquet was when the senior class gave the Underclassmen their Gag Awards, there were one that stuck out in my mind. The ladies presented an award to Dionne Marsh.


They team was on there trip to Arizona and Dionne could not find her Double Tree cookies anywhere, nor where they ever found. Dionne continued to complain that she wanted her cookies and they went on the rest of the day with out finding the culprit of the cookie napping. Timi E-Nunu finished the story by admitting that she was the one who ate the cookies and her punishment was to sing a "Cookie Monster" song. I can't remember the exact word s but it took some nerves to sing in front of 950 people. So, as a gag gift they gave Dionne a box of Cookies. This little story shows the closeness of this team and the bond they had with each other and how much fun they had together.


I was able to get a few quotes from the women after the banquet.


Julie Briody- To the Fans, "They (The Fans) are just so amazing, the fans were one of the reason I came here they give so much support, and so much commitment to the women's basketball program. I enjoyed all the support the past four years and I am thankful we have the best fans in the nation"


Timi E-Nunu- To the fans, " Thank you, please keep supporting the women, we work hard and when we run out and here 10,000 fans screaming your name it is always worth it. You could be having the worst day when you here the 10,000 fans cheering for you it changes." Did you know? Timi was Valedictorian of her senior class of 1,200 people in High School.


And as always we name our own MVP in each of the sports that we cover: The 2006-07 Red Menace Player of The Year Award goes to Katie Montgomery


Katie was 1st team all MWC this year, she was the top free throw shooter on the team, and was the general on the floor. Katie was the glue that held this team together.


Katie Montgomery- three point specialist- About the Fans "They (The Fans) make it worth wild to go out there and play every night and play for them. They made it real motivating to go run in front of 10,000 people. It is a lot different when you go to a gym and there are 500 people. I loved every minute of it."

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