2nd Scrimmage

The defense kicked butt and took names on Saturday.

It wasn't pretty for the young men in Cherry as those in White owned the line of scrimmage in Saturday's scrimmage. When I say owned, I mean owned!


The first few play of scrimmage the defense set the tone as Wesley Beck and Kendall Briscoe were in on early sacks. Later seemed like everyone was joining the party from the defensive line… Tuohy, Tyler Donaldson, Vincent Federico, Jeremiah Lovato, Phillip Harrison, and the hits kept coming.


When it wasn't the D-linemen hurrying or sacking the QB it was the linebackers and safeties filling and or collapsing holes and blowing up running backs. George Carter, Cody Kase, Zach Arnett, it was just blast after blast as the offense could never get on track.


When they did try to make passes the defensive backs were ready to party as Glover Quinn scored an INT in the end zone, DeAndre was the shut down corner that we have gotten used to. Frankie Solomon, Frankie Baca were zooming around, as was Ian Clark.


Click here to listen to Coach Danny Gonazales for the latest on safeties, kickers, and punters. Including the latest on John Sullivan's injured knee.


The more the defense took off the more aggressive, excited, and confident they became, meanwhile the offense finally did seem to get on track as they finally picked up a first down. (around 30 minutes into the scrimmage) and in the process of field position switches PK Eric Garrison was able to boot a 50 yard field goal, but even that was semi tragic as one of Garrison's blockers rolled into him and the PK was on the ground. Still it seemed like would get it turned on?  Porterie led another mini-drive when he hit Marcus on a nice pitch and catch, however, the Lobos couldn't punch it in as Donovan threw into double coverage, and the pass was easily picked off by Glover Quinn ending that drive. UNM was able to add a Yosef Shakir field goal late in the game off a fumble recovery and the scoring was over.


Click here to listen to Blake Ligon


This was definitely a "chippy" scrimmage as there was extra curricular activity and jawing after many plays including a few scrums, one resulting in a player given the infamous block around the field party. I didn't get a chance to talk to The Rock about it after practice, but I know that aspect of the game does irritate Coach Long.



Offensive player of practice


K Eric Garrison


With the offense being dominated it was tough to find a guy, however Garrison did punch in a 50 yard with leg to spare, so Eric it is!


Defensive Player of Practice


Hard to focus in on one guy so rather then do the whole defense



I'm going to go with the parking lot attendant at the stadium.


For those of you that didn't know The Pit was hosting the Gathering of Nations, so getting in at the regular spot was kind of tough. No matter how much I argued with the attendants they wouldn't let me down to the parking area at the practice fields. The last guy was extremely deft as he was able to use his agile skills to jump in front of my silver truck barring the way. Rather then go Randy Moss on him I had to back away. So great job parking lot attendant guy! J


Camera News!

We are still looking to purchase that camera! If you are interested in helping out, we are very close. So please contact me at 505-239-4584, or paypal, or snail mail us at admin@theredmenace.com


Tailgating for Cherry Silver Game


We are going to be out there around 2:00 PM on Wednesday for the Cherry Silver game tailgate on the west parking lot! We will have a grill, and a cooler, BUT YOU NEED TO HELP FILL IT! Bring your own meat, beer, sodas, and anything else you want to eat! See you there!


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