Disregard this post it didn't work out !

First day of practice under the shadow of the new Indoor Practice Facility went off without a hitch, as guys were running, sweating, swearing, and even a few hurling. Ahh yes, football is finally in the air. "There is something about football season," said Strength and Conditioning Coach Mark Paulsen, and I have to admit I agree with him.


Today was strictly shorts and helmets and it was hot, said Blake Ligon, "Don't get me wrong, but I'm actually looking forward to those 6:00AM practices." Sure you are Blake. Sure you are!


I tried out the new camera and tried to take some photos of the new players the Lobos have on the roster. Now granted I didn't get all of them as being the 1st day of practice the roster is a little in disarray as players have different practice jerseys than the number they will play with, and many of the local recruits were in the stadium preparing for the upcoming North/South All-Star game.


Still I have some for you all to take a look at, and interviews from earlier this morning with Donovan Porterie and Marcus Smith as they discuss the offense this upcoming season.


Donovan Porterie Interview Click Here


Marcus Smith Interview Click Here


Bryan Clampitt Interview Click Here


 #48 Justin Hickman





#58 Carmen Messina #83 Tim Merrill





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