Week 2 of Two-A-Days

Lobo coaches and players continue the grind as UTEP looms in the very near future!

In Ozzy Osbournes new rocker "I don't wanna stop" he sings "All my life I've been over the top...all I know is I don't wanna stop!" The same could be said of the Lobos at fall camp. On a muggy night that seemed to be a block party of sorts for every flying, biting creature on God's green earth, the team continued to experience the "thrill" of two-a-days.

Zach Arnett


Before I fall prey to malaria or west Nile disease I would like to talk a little about the strides the offense has made under the steady and relentless hand of OC Dave Baldwin. I have not seen this type of offensive coaching in a long time.

Every action is designed to prepare the team for the season to come. No slop is allowed and after one receiver forgot a personnel assignment, Coach Baldwin "invited" all the receiving corps for an after practice skull session to iron out any confusion. Many long time observers of Lobo football have said the same thing I have; the offense is sure to flourish from now on.


The last phase of the scrimmage had the offense doing the "fire drill" and working on moving the ball quickly for a score. The scrimmage showed that UNM can have a running game it can bank on. Paul Baker had some nice, hard nosed runs and Matt Quillen did the "dirty work" on some great lead blocking while in the two back set.

Travis Brown laying down a block


New receivers coach Matt Wells has the toughest job on one hand and the easiest job on the other. Travis Brown and Marcus Smith are the real deal; if they can continue to stay focused and productive they will create many mismatches. Marcus finally broke through for a nice touchdown catch to end one of the last drives.


Then it was all on kicker John Sullivan to end the practice on a high note. The team had to sprint out onto the field and set up in less than 10 seconds for him to try a 50yard field goal. It was a thing of BEAUTY! The ball sailed straight and true through the goal posts and the team celebrated the end of another grueling day!

#1 John Sullivan


I sought out Matt Quillen and had him break it down for the RED MENACE!


Click here to listen to Matt Quillen

To answer your question. No Matt Quillen is not wearing pads here


Being a true freshman isn't always the easiest of things. You have to learn how to go from being "the man" at high school, to being a "rook", "a damn freshman", "a guy that hasn't done or seen anything", or any of the other countless names or comments that are hurled your way. As we've seen even this year, not every player is cut out for it.


Saturday we spoke with two freshmen about how things were going. Both hail from the 505 and were top players in the state, and both whose recruiting we have followed since high school. WR Michael Scarlett (Sandia HS) and Brett Kennedy (La Cueva HS)



Click here to listen to Brett Kennedy




                 Click here to listen to Michael Scarlett 


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