2007-'08 Lobo Media Day

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Monday the University of New Mexico basketball teams conducted an informal media day. Members of the local media went to the world famous Pit and talk to some of the players and coaches.


I started off talking to Coach Craig Neal aka Noodles. No offense to Coach Alford, but all the other media guys had him locked up, and I always dig talking to the assistant coaches, and Noodles is crazy anyway. You know I love crazy!


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I followed that up with the 3 young men that will be occupying the post positions for UNM this year. I didn't add Kem Newke as we don't know for sure he is going to be allowed to play this year and might have to redshirt so enjoy interviews with Daniel Faris, Monquel Pegues, and Johnny Harris


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I also wanted to hit up a few of the guards on this year's team so I talked with Chad Toppert the reigning Red Menace Player of the Year  (as voted by Wes and myself) I should have had Wes with me as I choked on this interview!


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One of the young men that Lobo fans will miss seeing at least the 1st half of the year, perhaps the whole season is Tony Danridge. It was interesting talking to Tony as I felt worse about his injury than Tony D. did!


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Finally I wanted to talk to Sr. Guard JR Giddens. JR hasn't had the greatest of careers in D-I, some may argue some of those problems were self-inflicted and in my opinion may have held him back from really exploring and realizing the potential that he has. While he has always been a good interview due to his entertaining quotes today's interview with JR has been one of my favorites. Yes, we had some good laughs and all, but in looking in JR's eyes and watching his demeanor it really feels like JR is ready to make the impact that college hoop fans have been waiting for…


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Obviously this is all talk at this point, but we will try to hit some practices and watch how the 2007-08 Lobos develop.


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