Eye On Recruiting: Meet AJ Butler Pt. I

Today TheRedMenace.com's eye on recruiting roams over the country to the state of Florida and St. Petersburg Catholic high school

This past weekend was huge one for UNM as the Lobo coaches received numerous commitments from key targets. One of the most sought after recruits by the New Mexico staff is A.J. Butler/St. Petersburg Catholic in St. Petersburg, Florida is one of the young men UNM is actively pursuing for a LOI signature. I had a chance to speak with Head Coach Todd Creneti of the Barons.

TRM: Coach, can we get an accurate height and weight for A.J.?

CC: Yes, he is 6'01", 195lbs.

TRM: So how would you say he preformed for your team this past season?

CC: He did very well, and he got better every week. We had a couple of other runners this year so opponents wouldn't know who was getting the ball, but A.J. was tough to tackle on first contact.

TRM: When did UNM begin actively recruiting him?

CC: I sent tapes out a few weeks ago to them. They have been sending him mail since his junior year but, the tapes were the first time UNM had a chance to see A.J. play, and the coaches got in touch with us immediately.

TRM: What position is he being recruited for? As I notice he plays LB as well as RB.

CC: He is being recruited as a RB exclusively even though he played some LB and he could play safety.

TRM: What other teams are currently recruiting A.J.?

CC: Middle Tennessee State University is really on him, as well as South Florida, Indiana, and Florida Atlantic are also recruited AJ.

Coach Creneti was able to get A.J. over to the phone as we conducted this interview, so in tomorrow's story I will have my interview with AJ himself, but I wanted to ask Coach Creneti how AJ's recruiting has been so far.

CC: I have been extremely impressed with Coach Reffett and Coach Wells on how both have handled A.J.'s recruitment so far, and how fair they have been since they have taken it over.

Thanks Coach!

Tomorrow I'll have my interview with AJ posted and always click back to TheRedMenace.com for the latest in New Mexico Football Recruiting.

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