"New Mexico Is My Top Choice"

Jamal Fenton visited the 505 this evening and TheRedMenace.com was able to catch up with him.

The first time Lobo fans heard the name Jamal Fenton was the same weekend that we all learned about the T-Mac All-Stars and Coach Chris Walker. How important has those two names become? Well for those Lobo fans that have lived under a rock the past few months, Coach Walker was the coach of the T-Mac All-Stars. He brought his team in this spring and from there history has been made as Coach Walker eventually joined the University of New Mexico basketball staff and many of those players who enjoyed playing for Coach Walker decided to follow him to UNM and after all is said and done, UNM has a top 20 recruiting class for the 2008 recruiting season.

While the 2008 has been finalized, recruiting never stops and during the Elite Camp we had learned that one of the young men that had made a serious impression on the then coaching staff (Coach Walker already knew how good of a player this young man is.) was 5'8" point guard Jamal Fenton from Chavez HS in Houston TX.

(Note from Lee Roy "Bandito" Lucero: I saw Jamal during the Elite Camp this year and the young man was unbelievable. Usually at these elite camps players are all for themselves, but with Jamal it was glaringly obvious that he tried to get everyone involved when he was on the court, it isn't something you see as there were a lot of mixing of players and the chemistry wasn't always there on the court. What was amazing was after the Elite Camp was complete this spring, Jamal Fenton and Rio Rancho's Marcus Williams held a dunk contest to the delight of those still left in Davalos Dome. Nothing like seeing the explosiveness that a 5-8 Jamaal Fenton displayed as he attacked the rim.)

The explosive Jamal Fenton!

Tonight Jamal was in the world famous Pit watching the University of New Mexico takes on San Diego St. for a MWC showdown. Wes Henderson was able to catch up with Jamal and ask him about his season at Chavez and how recruiting is going.

"This is our first wining season," says Fenton. "We (Chavez HS) aren't known to be a winning program, but this year looks pretty good for my team, and we should be able to go far into the playoff."

One of the main reasons for Chavez's success… You guessed it, Jamal as he stat line reads 19.3 ppg, 3 boards, and 4.4 assists per game. Is there any doubt why UNM has been looking at Jamal for a while now. "I play hard every game and get my teammates the ball before anything else," said Fenton. "My game is all about team ball."

It isn't only New Mexico that is checking out these eye popping numbers from Chavez's superstar point guard as he confirmed to us tonight that New Mexico, Florida St., Marquette, and Santa Clara are the schools that are recruiting him the hardest at this point.

According to Fenton his top 3 are New Mexico, Santa Clara, and Marquette. "I want to make a few visits and come with my decision but I don't have a time frame," said an excited Fenton.  "But right now UNM is my top choice!"

So Lobo fans are asking themselves can the UNM coaching staff work their magic and snare another superstar from the Houston area… Guess we will have to wait and find out!

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