Welcome "The 26"

TheRedMenace.com is proud to announce a new contributor to our website! Finally students represent!

When we first started The Red Menace and TheRedMenace.com the whole idea was a group of fans coming together with passion and excitement for our favorite team The University of New Mexico Lobos.

We have been able to accomplish that in the football stadium, but getting a group of people to become the catalyst for fans has escaped us in The Pit. Reason, we could never get a group of people to sit/stand together in one section. As fans we were all scattered around the building as individuals fighting off the "down in front crowd."

So our hopes were always to get something going in the same place where a group could stand, as one as create a ruckus and the only place that was possible was the student section. For all us long time Lobo fans we remember standing there creating havoc in the stands, but those days seemed to have been lost due to Lobo Level seating and the movement of students.

Still we tried and after many unsuccessful attempts we are proud to say that we have found some voices in this wilderness if you will. A group of young men and women that just want to "take ownership of The Pit." You will recognize these maniacal fans as the cats with the white board in The Pit during home games.

That group currently calls themselves Section 26 and they are spearheaded largely in part by a young man named Mackenzie Bishop, who we are proud to announce, has joined our staff here at TheRedMenace.com

I spoke briefly with "The Bishop" or "Mack" or "The 26" or just good old Mackenzie today and he said, "The current AD (Paul Krebs) is working hard to revitalize The Pit, and is working hard for students to get involved."

So why Section 26 I asked, "The past regime in my opinion really alienated the students and made them feel unwanted," replied Bishop. "So we wanted to spearhead a movement to get more students involved, to take ownership of The Pit! We want excitement from the students, we are the future donors and alumni of this university," said Bishop "We aren't affiliated with any company or UNM, we are just a grassroots group of students trying to bring back the excitement of yesteryear to The Pit."

For you long time Red Menace guys that sounds familiar… Sentiments like that were echoed here years ago regarding the football stadium, so it isn't any wonder why "The 26" and this website were made for one another!

So please join me in welcoming "The 26" into the fold as we look forward to game stories from Mackenzie Bishop and commentary from all members of "The 26"

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