Eye On Recruiting: Meet Jake Carr

Find out about one of New Mexico's valued commits Jake Carr!

After losing two starters on the defensive line, the University of New Mexico have focused on receiving even harder if that is possible on defensive lineman, players that can and who will lead this team for the next 4-5 years. Jake Carr/DT was priority on their list, not just for sheer numbers, for his excellent speed and agility. I spoke with Coach Coley Candele concerning prize pupil.

TRM: So coach, what would be an accurate height and weight for Jake?

CC: He is 6'4" 252lbs.

TRM: So did he say how his official visit went?

CC: He was a little skeptical before he left because he had never been to New Mexico but he very much enjoyed it.

TRM: So when did UNM start actively recruiting Jake?

CC: At the end of the season the UNM coaches came out, watched him play in a game, as well as some tape of him, and offered him an official visit. While he was there, Jake was offered a scholarship. He came home and talked it over with his family, called and committed. Other teams recruiting Jake wanted him to play at around 280-290lbs but UNM told him he would play at around 260-270. He is already 252 so he won't need to gain much weight. They wanted to take advantage of his speed and agility, which is a perfect fit for him. Jake was told he would have a chance to play right away but if not next year, after his redshirt year definitely.

TRM: So how would you describe Jake on the field?

CC: He is completely different player on the field than he is a person. Off the field he is quiet, but on the field, he gives his 100% on every play, and does it with great speed. We switched our defense up some this past year so the DL were slanting and stunting a lot more and Jake really stood out in that scheme. I believe that's how UNM became interested since their DL do the same thing.

TRM: What other schools were recruiting Jake?

CC: Colorado, Fresno State, Utah, Utah St mainly. Air Force was on him in the summer because they use undersized Defensive Linemen in their scheme, but Jake was not interested. After his trip to UNM, Jake called and cancelled his other trips.

Final Season Stats (including playoffs):

94 total tackles 11 sacks 14 tackles for loss

3rd team all-state
The Californian All-Valley Defensive MVP

Southwestern League Defensive MVP

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