Rudy's Views? Is This Trademarked?

Okay it isn't Rudy Davalos' views, but Rudy C's views on the recruiting class, and of course the latest coaching news at UNM.

I have a great boss! He let me go to The Pete McDavid lounge yesterday afternoon, February 6, 2008, a RED letter day for UNM football.

Later that night I attended the BIG PARTY at Kelly's Brew Pub, and let me tell you brothers and sisters it was a PARTY! I got a chance to speak with all the coaches and I think that they feel that this can turn into one of the best classes and maybe, just maybe, a couple of these young guns could see some on-field action next year!

Signing Day is always replete with "war stories" and this year was no exception. The Rock relayed to the live audience and over the airwaves how he believed the program has arrived, at least in one small part of Florida. At Apopka High in Apopka Florida, a Lobo pipeline has been established. Carmeris Stewart, all 6'-3" wide receiver is the latest to ink with the Cherry and Silver. Usually in the pecking order that is college recruiting, the "haves" get to go first. The coaches at Apopka have come to embrace the honesty and integrity of The ROCK and his crew, so much so, that now Florida, Florida State, Miami, etc., all have to wait until the Lobos are done talking to a recruit for their turn! Coach Troy Reffett deserves a big pat on the back for the job he did in Florida!

Coach Wells spoke about how efficient UNM was in the new recruiting scheme, thanks to Paul Krebs, the UNM head honcho that put money in the recruiting budget that allowed UNM to send a recruiter, a position coach, and Coach Long to visit. It paid tremendous dividends because UNM needed only 26 visits to ink 22 young men!

Of course that means that UNM had to hang onto these guys because the vultures are always circling as in the case of at least 5 young men who stuck with their commitments in the face of constant and "accidentally" illegal contact from BCS schools who whiffed on their number one recruit and came swooping in on UNM's young pups. These young men, however, stood up and asked to be counted as a Lobo!

Another big change this year is that UNM recruited from a position of strength. If a recruit was extended an offer, he was given a reasonable length of time to decide. You know the old saying "to not decide is to decide"? Well, if time was up and there was no response, the offer was withdrawn and UNM moved on. Again, an honest and straightforward way to approach a young man. That is refreshing in the vicious world of college football recruiting.

One question: Where the heck were all the loyal members of The Red Menace? Next year we have to REPRESENT! Where were all the OVER 21 Section 26 crazies? Come on people, a new age has dawned at UNM in football! Paul Krebs has taken steps to upgrade the coach's salaries so that they can also stay and be happy Lobos! Now it is up to us to energize the community to sell 25,000 season tickets, and when UNM does that, my friends, then not only have they arrived but also UNM will be a BIG player! With Texas A&M, Arizona and a great MWC home schedule including Utah, Wyoming, TCU, there is no better time to get some! (Season tickets I mean... get your mind out of the gutter!)

Lobo Coaching News

New Defensive Coordinator Troy Reffett
We found out earlier this week that Coach Osia Lewis has left the University of New Mexico to take the same position at El Paso. So of course the defensive coordinator position had to be replaced, so Coach Long went to his staff and promoted current cornerback coach Troy Reffett to take the defensive coordinator spot.

Also, Dom Zarrella reported this afternoon that Coach DeAndre Smith will be named the running backs coach here at the University of New Mexico next week. Coach Smith comes to UNM from the University of Miami Ohio.

Coach DeAndre Smith

Congratulation to both gentlemen on their new positions here at UNM.

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