Wildcats In The House

We take a little break for Lobo Spring Football to introduce you to the New Mexico Wildcats

Haven't heard of The New Mexico Wildcats? You know the new IAFA team that is playing in Rio Rancho? Well if you haven't heard of them, you aren't alone.
The New Mexico Wildcats are an expansion team in the IAFA or Indoor Arena Football Association. This is the first year of the expansion Wildcats and they play against 3 other teams that comprise the Western Division. The Arizona Adrenaline, The Utah Saints, and the Wyoming Calvary.

 I spoke with GM Steve Mascarenas about the Wildcats, and he said, "We are selling tickets for the inaugural game on April 26th vs. The Adrenaline. There are plenty of affordable packages for people to come out, and we would like to be very accessible to kids and families."

 Obviously there have been plenty of attempts at football franchises here in the state of New Mexico so I asked Steve what made the Wildcats different, "This is the first Arena League in the state. Prior to running the Wildcats, I'd never seen an Arena game," says Mascarenas. "It really is a fast paced sort of game that is all about fan excitement and interaction."

Haliburton Wants you to buy tickets and watch him score TD's!

 I asked Steve what was the toughest thing in getting this team ready for the season. "Time… It just doesn't seem like we ever have enough time," answered Mascarenas. "As an expansion team we are still trying to get the right players in here, advertising, radio broadcasts, information, jerseys, sponsors, the field, practices. It is all time consuming, but enjoyable."

 With that let me introduce Shaun Duffy of Illinois. A local Rio Ranchoan that has been excited about the Wildcats since he heard they were coming to start play in April. "Man, I really want to follow these guys," said Duffy. Let's see a football fan with some passion. Where have we heard that before?

 The New Mexico Wildcats boast a few former New Mexico Lobos… Landrick Brody, Art Haynes, Mike Powdrell, and Aaron Brack that we know of so far, like I said this is an expansion team and this is minor league football with players looking to move up or down the food chain so the rosters are very fluid Duffy took some time out to interview Coach Floyd Johnson, Coach AP, Former University of Southern Florida WR Darrin Haliburton, and former Lobo Aaron Brack!


Click here for Coach Johnson


Click here for Coach AP


Click here to listen to Haliburton and Aaron Brack

Former Lobo Aaron Brack


Stay tuned to TheRedMenace.com for more New Mexico Wildcat football news and information and when we have our first tailgate party and don't forget to get your tickets at The Santa Ana Star Center for tickets to Wildcats football! For more information check out newmexicowildcats.com

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