Speed And Power

Scrums, Fights, Fisticuffs, and just good old fashioned Rocky Long style of football.

"They're a sore, tired, and feel each and every bump and bruise on their body," said Coach Rocky Long. "They feel like every shot is a cheap shot."

One of 3 scrums today involving Hitmen and the LB corps.

I asked Rocky Long about this after Monday afternoon's practice where some good ‘ol fashioned fisticuffs broke out. Now don't start thinking this is some lack of chemistry or hatred, like I said this is old fashion guys getting after it. Intensity was in high demand today as the Lobos worked with helmets and shoulder pads only. Doesn't mean there wasn't good popping going on.
Brett Kennedy makes his move

 Games are won and lost in the trenches and this year the Lobo football team has some big fellas on both sides of the ball. I'm really enjoying watching the development and depth of both the O-line and the D-line this year. Neither side boast much experience, but the talent is there and the depth is there, it is up to Coach Lenzmeier and Todd to bring it forth and I must say they are doing a great job.

 This afternoon both Kevin Balogun and last week superstar Wesley Beck weren't in attendance, I didn't ask Coach Long, but I'm going to assume both had classes today… So what did that mean for the Lobo D-line? Well it meant that some of the younger guys were able to get plenty more reps and let me tell you right now, they freaking delivered!

#61 Matt Lamb

NT Matt Lamb and Brett Kennedy were large and in charge trying to work the middle, rep in and out these guys were getting after it. Using their bulk to try to collapse the center. Meanwhile guys like Kendall Briscoe, Jeremiah Lovato, and Phillip Harrison were moving from the outside. They put their hard hats on went to work, but the biggest surprise of the day…6-3 240lb Jaymar Latchison

#62 Phillip Harrison

 Saturday afternoon LoboVike was telling me how he would love to see Jaymar get more reps and see what the freshmen could do… Well today your wish came true LoboVike as Jaymar used the speed rush to perfection. From the end using his quick feet, Jaymar was able to swim over and float over any and all offensive linemen, spending more time in the Lobo offensive backfield than ball carriers. One on ones, two on two, stunt drills, scrimmage, thud, didn't matter. Jaymar put on a clinic, and on more than one occasion just threat of his speed allowed him to bull rush through, with the o-lineman knowing at any time Latchison would float over and blast off.

 Now before I gush all over Jaymar he did run up against Erik Cook a couple of times and the Cook put a stop to all that mess, but then Cook was putting a stop to plenty of messes…

 #6 in a white jersey?

Coach Long said that they are trying former Rio Rancho RB Mike Love at the safety position as the Lobos have a lot of running backs. Said Coach Long said they wanted to try Mike out at safety and take advantage of his athletic ability.


Jonathan Mader in the house

Current Cibola HS senior and future Lobo Jonathan Mader was in attendance today and told me that UNM is going to have him play QB. Mader said he has been at practice to get a head start for next season. Mader said physically he feels he can match up right now, but he has to learn how to be a D-I QB and learn how to read defenses. Mader also said that he believes Cibola WR Brandon Simpson will be walking on to UNM, and he hopes that big Rio Mares will take a look at UNM as well.


In the End Zone

McQueen had a nice catch and run off the WR screen for a 40 yard scamper walking the sideline.

 Fr-Rs James Wright went right up the gut for a score dragging a guy or two with him. Watch out for Wright as he has the stuff to be a superstar!


Offensive Player of Practice

#69 Erik Cook


Like the freaking stone wall today, didn't matter who came to line up against #69 they were stoned at the line. Cook thus far is having a super spring as the elder statesman just continues to lead by example.


Defensive Player Of Practice

Jaymar Latchison

By far the easiest choice I have ever had to make. Jaymar used his speed to the ultimate advantage today… A clinic I tell you. A clinic!

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