"Blame Bob King"

Mike Roberts is every Lobo fan's friend. He hurt when you hurt and was excited when you were excited. I've heard plenty of interviews this past week, but there is only place that a fellow Lobo fan can get the real interview with the #1LOBO FAN! And that is right here on TheRedMenace.com

This is our final 4 segments with the "Voice of the Lobos" Mike Roberts. For those of you living under a rock, Mike Roberts was released by UNM and Learfield Communications after 41 years of service to the UNM community.
Coach Bob King. The man responsible for Lobomania. The man responsible for The Pit... And the man responsible for Mike Roberts!

Norm Ellenberger 

Coach Alford and Mike Roberts earlier this year. The last coach to benefit from "The Homer"

Even rival coaches loved Mike Roberts!

Don "The Bear Haskins

We've spoken about his release, and Lobo football and this last segment is from Bob King to Steve Alford… From Mel Daniels to JR Giddens and all points in between… They may hire another play by play guy, but there will never ever be another, "Voice of the Lobos."

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII

Mike, you may have been taken off the air, but you will always be loved by Lobo fans!

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