2008 Spring Eye On You!

Michael Vickers and Lee Roy Lucero take a look at the Lobo football team and make their "Eye On You" picks!

Every year we do a little something here called "Eye On You" when it comes to Lobo Spring Football. While this story is a little late it gives us something to talk about over the long long long summertime.


For those of you new to our website remember these aren't guys that are necessarily going to start, travel, or even get playing time. They are players that caught our eye during the spring campaign.


I say we this year since we added a spectacular new member to our staff by the name of Michael Vickers. Lee Roy and Vickers along with Mike "The Anonymous One" made most of the practices and after conferring with one another came up with our list. Mr. Vickers list and photos will be on the left side of the page and Lee Roy's will be on the right.


In the middle we will have the "Wait til they get a load of me" guys. These are the guys that were right there, but we can't mention everyone darn it!


QB - Tate Smith.  Walk on from Odessa and Stoney Case's cousin.  Smith appeared to get more and more comfortable throughout the spring and delivered a great performance in the Cherry-Silver game to wrap up camp.   Will help to provide UNM with quality depth at QB.


QB- Tate Smith

We all know that Donovan Porterie is the starter at UNM and a super talented QB, but how about this young JUCO X-fer walk-on. Of the rest of the QB's in camp Tate should the most poise in the pocket, and as he grasps the offense should be a nice find for the Lobos.

QB Donovan Porterie- How can you be the starter and people not notice you?




RB - James Wright.  Extremely strong RB with a low center of gravity that should prove to be a huge weapon for the Lobos in the years to come.  Demonstrated great effort in scrimmages and kept his legs churning after contact often resulting in good gains.  


RB-James Wright

Right is the right combination of speed and power in a Rocky Long prototype running back. It isn't Wright's speed that impressed me as much as it his ability to burst in and out the hole. Once to the 2nd level Wright has the size to take on a linebacker and of course drag a few DB's around.


RB- Rodney Ferguson After last year's bowl game fiasco Rodney is putting that all behind him and has come back not only stronger on the field, but a better person off of it.


WR - Jermaine McQueen.  Sr. WR with fantastic speed and quickness that will be counted on to contribute this fall.  Became more consistent catching the ball as spring practice wore on and proved to be a dangerous threat not only in the passing game but on the reverse play as well.  


WR- Chris Hernandez

He has big shoes to fill and started off strong. He has good hands, and the ability to go up for the ball. Reminds me of another #18 that played here not to long ago.

WR- Roland Bruno A returning starter that isn't afraid to get the ball anywhere.


TE - Mitch Straub.  UNM established a solid TE tandem in Straub and Chris Mark this spring.  The TE is used heavily in the Lobos' red zone offense and Straub shined in these scenarios, especially in the Cherry-Silver game.  


TE Mitch Straub
Straub showed ability to catch and to block and will be a nice 2nd TE come fall.


TE Chris Mark How can you forget this beast of a TE.


OL - Byron Bell.  Talented redshirt freshman that spent the entire spring atop the depth chart at RT.  Bell has been touted as one of the most talented lineman to ever be signed by UNM and did not disappoint this spring with great footwork and technique.  


OL- Erik Cook

Erik is the ultimate Hitmen playing any position needed and is flat out a wall. UNM has some talented D-linemen and the "stopper" was number 69. Erik has reason to smile while playing, as he is the unmovable object.


OL Joshua Taufalele The first thing that catches you is the hair hanging out from the helmet, but Joshua shows that he is ready to battle for a starting job and the post spring depth chart shows that he has earned one so far.



On the defensive side of the ball


DL - Jaymar Latchison.  Redshirt freshman with outstanding quickness and pass rushing moves from the DE position.  The Lobo offensive line had difficulty keeping Latchison out of the backfield this spring.  


DL- Jaymar Latchison

Midway through Spring Jaymar turned on the jets and never looked back. Jaymar gives the Lobos a serious speed pass rusher off the line.


DL- the toughest spot to name as you can go with any of these guys. Wesley Beck or Phillip Harrison, but we went with the youngster Brett Kennedy! The guy uses strength and bull rushing to get where he needs to go… The QB!


LB - Zach Arnett.  The Sr. established himself as the leader of the Lobo defense after turning in an extremely active spring camp.  Arnett was always around the ball and was a vocal leader on the field from the MLB position.  


LB-Julion Conley

The redshirt frosh not only pushed himself in the depth chart but also seemed to always be in the mix when it came to the ball.

LB Herbert Felder- The senior is ready to step up!


S - Mica Williams.  Redshirt freshman that received a great deal of playing time at wolf safety due to the injury to Blake Ligon.  Williams is a tough hitter and already possesses a solid understanding of Rocky Long's defense.  


S-Frankie Solomon
Another year of experience now has the seasoned Solomon to have a big year. He definitely had a nice spring

S- another tough decision. Had Mike Love been at safety the whole time, would have been him hands down. Instead we went with another New Mexican Bubba Forrest. Bubba had a nice spring and looks like he can deliver the goods!


CB - Glover Quin.  Fully recovered from his groin injury last season Quin turned in a dominating spring camp.  The Sr. is poised for a stellar season and should join DeAndre Wright on the All-MWC first team this year barring injury  


CB- Glover Quin
We all know that DeAndre is a solid corner and so does the MWC offenses look for them to test Glover and if spring is any indication Glover is ready for the task!


CB Jerome Jenkins- Stepped up last year when Glover was fighting off injuries and looked just as solid this spring. He is the 3rd best corner on this team, which is saying something when you have to All-MWC caliber corners in front of you.


Dom didn't bring us his annual kickers report so we didn't really mention those guys… Sorry not that they don't get love from The Red Menace, just our kicking expert was a little slow with the info.


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