Artesia LB Pulls The Trigger!

It took the Artesia LB all of 2 seconds to verbal to New Mexico.

Friday afternoon I went out to the Lobo Football Camp and spent most of my time watching one of the "renegade" teams that featured Dallas Bollema of Artesia High School (Artesia NM) I spoke with the 6-2 202 lb LB on Friday and Saturday afternoon. So here is our two-part interview.

I was immediately impressed with Dallas speed, as he displayed the ability to move laterally, backpedaling, and forward quickly. Dallas told me on Friday that, "speed is my strength as a football player." And during a grueling 7 on 7 tournament this weekend Dallas was able to display his speed as well as his ability to diagnose the plays in front of him. Now most people think that a 7 on 7 tournament, how competitive can that be? Well according to a coach that I spoke with today, "Not only do these players come out to hopefully be noticed by the coaching staffs, but they also come out to win." So when I say these games were competitive trust me I'm not lying. These young men go all out for that victory!

I asked Dallas why he came out this weekend and he said, "I've been talking to the Lobo coaches and wanted to come out and show my skills and make a name for myself," replied Bollema. I also asked Dallas if he feels he is getting what he wanted out of Lobo Football Camp. "I've spoken with the Lobo Coaches and have done all the Linebacker drills. I believe I've done real well, so yeah, I'm getting out of it what I wanted," replied Bollema.

Fast forward 24 hours to Saturday afternoon as Dallas comes off the field with his 7 on 7 team with a big smile on his face. I asked once again if he was getting what he felt out of his camp experience. Bollema broke into a big grin and said, "Yes sir… I got an offer and made my commitment to be a Lobo!"

I asked Dallas why New Mexico? "I was looking at Texas Tech as well, but these guys came in today with an offer, so I took it!" exclaimed Bollema. "Now that I've committed I have to really concentrate on becoming a better player over the summer and next season." would like to congratulate Dallas Bollema on his offer and commitment to the University of New Mexico. We would also like to thank him for being so open with us all weekend long.

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