The Boys of Summer?

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Thursday afternoon I headed out to "The Dav" so that I could get a look at the 08-09 Lobo Men's Basketball team! I found out that the Lobos run conditioning drills (which I was taking a look at) 3 days, weightlifting 2 other days, and they just "run" the 6th day. These are "voluntary workouts" and no basketball coaches are allowed, except for a strength and conditioning coach.

Sorry about photo quality, but I'm sure you get the idea of where Will Brown is going with the rock!

 So I felt pretty lucky going out and taking a look at the newest Lobos and even luckier to bring a video camera and a single shot so you all could get a look at these guys play!

 The first thing I wanted to see was how is the chemistry? The Lobos are mixing in 6 new scholarship players. How do you mix these guys in? How will they be welcomed, as everyone's role on the team will change.

 I really enjoyed watching the interaction of the veteran players working with the incoming freshmen, and the freshmen not only working with one another, but pressing the older guys as well. I spoke with Dairese Gary about that and he said, "I tell these guys this year, what last year's leaders told me. This is a different level than high school or AAU. You can't come in expect to be great if you don't work." Sr. Daniel Faris said, "I'm a senior now so I believe you automatically have to be a leader. I've been trying to show these guys what I know, and what they have to do, and they are great guys that listen and want to learn."

 So onto the hoops… NCAA doesn't allow the coaches to watch or participate so it is conditioning first Click here to see some of the conditioning. Followed up with games. "We're just having some fun. We get to run up and down and the coaches aren't here to yell at you or get into you, kids Dairese Gary. "We're just having fun getting to learn about each other. It's been real good for us."

Click here to see photo album of Thursday's run!

 Just some observations watching:

Daniel Faris- looks stronger and solid, he was able to body up on newcomers Will Brown and AJ Hardeman prompting Mr. Hardeman to say, "I've got to get some weight on." Daniel looks very solid down low and he should as he has a goal, "This is my last year. I need to get me a ring!"

Dairese Gary- The sophomore looks more comfortable this year. He still has the ability to take the ball and use his body to bully his way into the paint, and this year there are so many weapons on the wings, down low, or trailing for him to really pile up the assist numbers. Was great to watch him continue to develop, "The coaches and seniors are really helping me establish myself as a better player and a floor leader, "says Gary.

Jonathan Wills- Wills was smooth Thursday evening with a nice mid range jumper. Love the way he pulls up and knocks it down! The mid range pull up J has become such a lost art in basketball.

 Tony Danridge- Awesome watching the "old man" on this team running with the pack! You could never tell he was coming off injury.

Will Brown- I hate to do the "this guy is the man" already, but Will is a solid 6-9 225 and you have to love his wingspan. He has nice movement around the hoop.

AJ Hardeman- Lanky frosh had some blocked shots out there Thursday night, and has great athleticism (like everyone on this team does.)

 Daniel Faris said about his fellow big men, "these guys are going to make me so much better. They are so athletic, they are big, they are quick, and they can run up and down the court… Really we are deep at every position and if you want to play, you're going to have to practice hard to protect your spot.

 Phillip McDonald- Showed a nice inside/outside game. His turn around jumper and fade away are sweeeettttt….

 Curtis Dennis- Still getting his altitude legs under him. Showed flashes of athletic ability during the evening, and as he gets used to the air up here, he will just get better and better!

 Roman Martinez and Chad Toppert are just solid contributors doing their specialty. Both are heady players with great basketball smarts that will continue to help this program to greatness!

Nate Garth- Like watching Nate play, he also displayed nice athleticism and will continue to get better!

And you all thought the ‘boys of summer' was about baseball…

Click here to see Lobo practice video!

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I want to thank Jay Blackman (UNM SID) making this all happen and answering all my questions.

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