A Little Pitch and Catch...

No pads equals more of the soft stuff... Yeah right! Check out some of the one on one stuff as well as TRM's Operation: Paint it RED! Learn how to win a family pack of Lobo football season tickets!

2nd day of Fall Camp (if you can call it fall in August) finds the Lobos once again sans pads as NCAA rules prohibit teams from using shoulder pads until 2 full practices are complete, and full pad can be put on after 4.

 So we checked out some conditioning drills, and positional drills. While important, and don't get me wrong they are, it is a little dry as a spectator.

 That of course doesn't mean there wasn't any fun as the buzzer went off to punting practice and the Lobos really need a punter to step up. Today was a day of starting off okay but finishing not so well by Adam Miller and Matt Barnard. At this point it is my opinion that the punting job is Adam Miller's to lose, however, and this is a big however. Miller really needs to work on consistency as the first couple of days it isn't quite there.

 We moved forward to some one on one WR/DB drills, which had to be the highlight of the entire day for spectators as Donovan Porterie, Jonathan Mader, and Victor James took turns tossing the ball to various WR's… Rather than explain everything, here is a ton of photos for all of you to see some of the nice catches and a few nice defensive plays. Remember, they aren't in full pads, so we can't watch the Lobo defenders take a 2X4 to any WR, and of course the QB's aren't rushed so they have a few extra seconds to make plays.
#89 Carmeiris Stewart stretches for one

Did I mention Carmeiris Stewart stretching?

Mica Williams knocks the ball out of Roland Bruno's hands

#7 Bryant Williams snares one in front of #96 Frankie Solomon

Speaking of the Solomons. Here is Quintell Solomon

#28 Bubba Forrest all over #9 Michael Scarlett

#80Andre McQueen pulls one in with Brandon Johnson all over him

#2 DeAndre Wright takes down Jermaine McQueen

Ty Kirk runs a slant pattern in front of Alex Bustos

Offensive Player of the Day

#3 WR Jermaine McQueen

 McQueen looked a little rough early on dropping a few passes, but after shaking it off Jermaine made some spectacular catches… It was the simple that were tough on McQueen. Still, Jermaine gives the Lobos a nice look at WR.


Defensive Player of Practice

#19 Glover Quin- DeAndre will receive most of the accolades this year and deservedly so, but nobody should overlook this budding star.



Menacing Podcasts

Rudy C. interviewed LB Zach Arnett and RB Rodney Ferguson click on the links below to hear both these spectacular interviews

 Click here for Zach
Click here for Rodney


  Operation: Paint it Red!

We had a donor that would like to purchase 100 season tickets for this season. This donor asked me to break these tickets up in family blocks of 4 (2 adult, 2 youth tickets packages) and all this donor asked for is to see The Red Menace obviously grow, and see more positive coverage about Lobo football…
So Dom (yeah he still helps) Rudy C., and myself put our noggins together and came up with Operation: Paint It Red!

 Here is the entire operation in a nutshell:

 How much more positive coverage can we come up with on TheRedMenace.com? Seriously, I challenge any other media form to match us for positive coverage of Lobo football. So… for us to have people post more positive posts here, well that is like preaching to the choir. For the most part we are like-minded individuals, so how do we grow our numbers… How do we get more people excited about Lobo football?

 Well let's take over someone else's message board! Let's find another "message board" paint it RED!

 So while looking at the entire media landscape, why not take over… The Albuquerque Journal? They have a huge message board that usually publishes ONE post a day, and that post is 9 times out of 10 negative towards UNM… So let's paint that sucker RED!

 How do you win these family packs?

 Simple, e-mail the Journal at Sportsspeakup@abqjournal.com and write your positive thoughts to the Albuquerque Journal's Sports Speak Up and to my personal e-mail address admin@theredmenace.com Talk up the Lobos, the stadium, and the upcoming season! In other words, Pain that sucker RED! Once I see your thoughts published and they are the same you sent me or posted on our message board and I will contact you to get those tickets! Remember I have 25 packages so get on it right away!

Tell your friends and family how to win these tickets! We want all 25 season packages to go and we want The Albuquerque Journal and the entire state to know that we are Lobo fans, plus we also want to see if the Journal has the integrity to post these positive posts!

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