Heating Up!

Things are heating up as there was no cloud cover today, just heat, sweat, and blood... Operation: Paint it Red a rousing success!

Thursday afternoon's workout marked the second in "shell" equipment and the final tune up before the first full pads practice slated for Friday.  Today The Red Menace closely followed the Lobo offensive line, better known as "The Hitmen", as they took on the defensive line in their own version of the one on one drill.  Offensive line and wide receiver are likely the two biggest areas of inexperience for UNM this season and several players are doing their best to step up and solidify their units.    

 A couple of veteran players were among the first to catch our eye during the OL vs. DL drills as Jr. C Erik Cook and Sr. NT Wesley Beck fought to a stalemate on several occasions.  Fr-RS DE Jaymar Latchison continued to impress with his speed rushing and arsenal of swim and rip moves as well as he defeated several of the Lobo offensive linemen.  The players were able to enjoy themselves a little while they worked during this portion of practice as Sr. LT Sylvester Hatten barked while blocking advancing defensive ends.  Those of you familiar with the movie Necessary Roughness should think of the player nicknamed "the Doberman" to get the feel for Hatten's bark.  These Hitmen might literally come out of the gate like a pack of angry dogs when TCU visits Rocky Long Stadium on August 30th.
Ben Contreras and Wesley Beck

Sylvester Hatten barks like a seal as he blocks Jeremiah Lovato

DeAndre Davis

Josh Taufalele cools down

 There was plenty of fight and skill demonstrated by both sides of the line of scrimmage with other impressive performances turned in by Jr. DE DeAndre Davis and stud Fr-RS OT Byron Bell.  Defensive line coach Everett Todd did have to lecture a few d-linemen about staying low while coming out of their stance and let them know that they were "popping out like a pop-tart from a toster."
AJ Butler
Matt Quillen

 Practice closed with some live scrimmaging which produced a few highlights once again.  Lobo QB Donovan Porterie looked comfortable in the pocket, stepping up nicely to deliver a strike to WR Chris Hernandez over the middle of the field for a big gain.  WR Roland Bruno continued to display his versatility taking a reverse for a big gain around the left side of the line for a gain of about 15 later in the session.  The ball was not advanced for the UNM offense and each play started at about the 50 yard line creating room for the biggest highlight of training camp thus far.  Fr-RS RB James Wright of Dallas, TX charged around right tackle and powered through the second level of the Lobo defense ultimately taking the ball all the way to paydirt on a 50 yard scamper.  Wright will be one to watch in the years to come and looks to be the heir apparent to All-MWC RB Rodney Ferguson.

 The defense was not without its share of highlights during the scrimmage with Kevin Balogun and true freshman Mark Hunter coming up with big tackles for loss.  Sr. DeAndre Wright also came up with a sack on a rare corner blitz.

Podcasting with Rudy C.

Rudy C. talks with Erik Cook and Glover Quin

 Next up:  The first full pads practice will be held at the UNM practice fields Friday from 12-2 pm.  

 Offensive Player of the Practice:
RB James Wright.  The Dallas, TX native is built like a tank and will provide the Lobos with a truly exciting rusher in the years to come.  It is hard to believe that Fr-RS Wright is only 19 years old after witnessing his tremendous strength in the weight room during the night of champions and his tough running on the practice field.  The future is bright in the UNM backfield as evidenced by Wright's brilliant 50 yd run in practice today


Defensive Player of the Practice:

DE/NT Kendall Briscoe.  Briscoe was mixing today. Not only before the whistle was blowing, but afterwards. We don't always award this to a player for his extra-curricular activities and today is not different, however, Kendall made the play of the day as he burst through the line just as the running back received the handoff. Briscoe delivered the monster blast on the ball carrier.

505/575 Pride:
C Erik Cook.  Just as Wesley Beck is the centerpiece of the Lobo defensive line Albuquerque's Erik Cook is the anchor of "The Hitmen."  Cook will definitely be a starter this season whether at center or another line position should JUCO Ben Contreras prove to be a better fit in the middle of the line.  Cook gives great effort on every play and is shaping up to be a brick wall against opposing defenders.  

Operation: Paint It Red A Huge Success!

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