First Week In The Books!

Lobos finish up the first week of 2008 fall camp with some scrimmage action!

Saturday night provided very comfortable conditions for watching the New Mexico Lobos practice in full pads and many spectators turned up to see the action at the UNM practice fields.  Those that were in attendance were able to witness some great one on one collisions in the Alley drill and a very solid performance by the Lobo defense in 7 on 7 drills and live scrimmaging.  Some personnel changes were made on the offensive line for this practice with Sr. Matt Streid stepping in to run with the first team in place of So. Mike Cannon at LG.  Jr. Ivan Hernandez was the first team LT with Sylvester Hatten still recovering from a slight head injury.

Matt Streid


Every unit of the Lobo defense showed up to play on Saturday night and impressive plays were made by both newcomers and veterans.  True Freshman Anthony Hooks, a CB out of Phoenix, continued to look like a solid hitter as he produced some great collisions early on in the Alley drill.  Later during the Middle drill (designed to simulate rush and short pass defense) Sr. DE Kevin Balogun used his size and strength to get into the backfield for a tackle for loss.  The offense ran a screen play to So. WR Bryant Williams that went for a nice gain but resulted in a forced fumble by CB DeAndre Wright.  Wright proved that he is not a finesse cover corner as he charged up to Willams and stripped the ball from him with great force, shouting "my ball!" after he secured possession.  It is great to see such pride being shown by the Lobo defenders as they play like they have something to prove on every down.  Bryant Willams was the first to pat Wright on the back after his big play in another great display of character.   
#12 Anthony Hooks


The Lobo offense managed a couple of big plays in 7 on 7 drills including a deep post to Sr. WR Jermaine McQueen that would have resulted in a TD.  Bryant Williams came back with a strong catch over the middle during this segment of practice as well.  The team did not stay in 7 on 7 drills for long and moved on to live situation scrimmaging, though the ball was not advanced and each play began from around the 50 yard line.


The Lobo defense continued to look strong during the live scrimmage.  Jr. Lobo Clint McPeek and Sr. CB Glover Quin blanketed Jermaine McQueen, shutting down the offense on the first play of the period.  Donovan Porterie was then forced to run out of bounds on the next play due to excellent coverage once again by McPeek and was sacked by NT Wesley Beck on the third play for a three and out.  Porterie was not hit by Beck as the QB must only be touched or 'in the grasp' of a defender for a sack during training camp. 


During the first possession for the second team offense So. CB Jerome Jenkins joined the great coverage party preventing Fr. QB Brad Gruner from advancing the ball.  Later, true freshman Joe Harris blitzed from the right edge and sacked Gruner.  Harris looks to be a great physical specimen and athlete and is seeing time at both the LB and Lobo positions.  Another young defender, Fr-RS LB Carmen Messina, turned in a great play as he tracked down the elusive WR Roland Bruno on a screen play. 


The offense managed a few successful plays toward the end of the live scrimmage period as Jermaine McQueen caught a short pass over the middle and ran through the second level of the defense for a gain of about 20 yards.  McQueen was on the receiving end of a huge hit by true Freshman CB DeShawn Mills at the end of his run but was able to keep the ball secured for the big gain. WR's Chris Hernandez (Soph.) and Roland Bruno (Jr.) both had nice receptions as well though the offense was kept out of the endzone during Saturday night's live action.  To be fair the ball was not advanced as mentioned earlier which made it quite difficult for the offense to score during the scrimmage.      


Next up:  Two practices Monday (6-8 am and 7-9 pm).

Interviews with Rudy C.



Offensive Player of the Practice:


WR Jermaine McQueen.  Though it was a tough day overall for the offense McQueen made difficult catches, protected the ball during a jarring hit, and stretched the defense with his outstanding speed.  UNM will need the Sr. from Raleigh, NC to be their vertical threat this season to replace some of the speed that Marcus Smith provided last year.    



Defensive Player of the Practice:


Lobo Clint McPeek.  UNM is very strong in the defensive backfield this season and especially stacked at Lobo with Jrs. Ian Clark and Clint McPeek.  "Killer" McPeek showed us his coverage skills tonight and has already demonstrated his fierce hitting ability to quite a few opposing WR's.  It will be great to see what Clark and McPeek are able to bring to the defense when both are fully healthy.   


505/575 Pride:


P Adam Miller. 

A small part of each practice thus far has included live punting drills and Miller, the Jr. from Santa Fe St. Michael's High, seems to be emerging as the best at the position for the Lobos.  At times Miller has launched huge, 60+ yard punts during practice and he will be a great one for UNM if he can improve his consistency.  Miller is extremely strong in the weight room which is unusual for a Punter and has good size (6'2" 224 lbs.).

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