We Ain't Little New Mexico Anymore

Lobo fans celebrate! Coach Rocky Long has signed a new 5 year extension to coach the University of New Mexico. Exclusive audio interview inside!

During today's presser where Mr. Lobo Rocky Long was given a 5 year contract extension  (I'm not going to give the amount as I'm old school and don't think it is anyone's right to know what another person makes monetarily.) and what struck me today in speaking to both Coach Rocky Long and Vice President of blah blah blah aka Athletic Director Paul Krebs is that the University of New Mexico is striving to become a regional and national power.

According to Krebs, "we have to get out of that self defeating mindset that New Mexico cannot attain the national spotlight." And Krebs is right! We have a quality football coach, men and women's hoops coaches, baseball coach, and down the line. The Tow Diehm facility is a nice facility, the IPF is spectacular, that Lobo lane they are building between the track, IPF, and Rocky Long stadium is top notch. According to Krebs the administration is looking at leveling off the outdoor practice fields as they have put lights out there for night practices, they are also exploring how to increase stadium capacity over 50K but the most important thing… "Getting fans out to support Coach Long's teams."
Simply the best!

 Krebs said one of the ways to do this is to get folks to get over that we are only New Mexico syndrome that has gripped this state since the beginning of time. The inferiority complex has got to go!

 Well today was one of those days of celebration for New Mexico. A day when UNM ventured out spent the money and have officially retained Coach Rocky Long for 5 more years. Krebs cited many reasons why Coach Long was kept at UNM. His road record, his conference record, his program building ability, the fact that UNM is seemingly bowl eligible every year now, and of course UNM finally has that bowl victory under their belt.
Rocky with New Mexico Bowl trophy!

 Rudy C. and Bandito also spoke with Coach Long about his new contract

 Click here to listen to our interview

A couple of things that everyone should know, not sure if it made it out in today's presser, but a couple of things that we have ferreted out here.

 Rocky Long and Paul Krebs had agreed on this contract nearly 6 months ago, but since neither speak "lawyer" they had to let the mouthpieces finish it all up.
2nd- Rocky turned down a 5 year guaranteed contract. He has a 5 year extension, but it isn't all guaranteed and that was Rocky's choice…

 My favorite quote. "Just because I got the raise doesn't mean I'm going to coach any harder.

 Does that mean it all ends now? Of course not Paul Krebs and Coach Long made it both very clear today that conference championships and national spotlight is on the agenda, however, it can't be one man doing it all.  


UNM needs their fans to step up! Buy those freaking season tickets folks!

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